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Role Models (2008) 6.8

Role Models (2008)

Storyline:Danny and Wheeler, well into their 30s, lack something: Danny feels stuck; he's sour and has driven away his terrific girlfriend. Wheeler chases any skirt he sees for empty sex. When they get in a fight with...

The Mighty Ducks (1992) 6.5

The Mighty Ducks (1992)

Storyline:Gordon Bombay, a hotshot lawyer, is haunted by memories of his childhood, when, as the star player in his champion hockey team, he lost the winning goal in a shootout, thereby losing the game, and the approv...

Step Up (2006) 6.5

Step Up (2006)

Storyline:In Baltimore, the troublemaker and street dancer Tyler Gage lives with his foster parents in a lower class neighborhood. His best friends are Mac Carter and his little brother Skinny Carter and they used to ...

"Dynasty" Wild Ghost Chase (TV Episode 2019) 8.7

"Dynasty" Wild Ghost Chase (TV Episode 2019)

Storyline:Fallon and Blake deal with the consequences of their actions in very different ways. Adam is on everyone's "WORST" list and Sam gets a visit from an unexpected guest at the hotel. Dominique continues with he...

Emma’s Chance (2016) 6.1

Emma’s Chance (2016)

Storyline:While fulfilling her community service hours at a horse rescue ranch, Emma forms an unlikely bond with an abused show horse who won't let anyone ride him.User Reviews:

The Resurrection of Gavin Stone (2017) 6.7

The Resurrection of Gavin Stone (2017)

Storyline:Gavin Stone, a washed-up former child star, is forced to do community service at a local megachurch and pretends to be Christian so he can land the part of Jesus in their annual Passion Play, only to discove...

A Walk to Remember (2002) 7.4

A Walk to Remember (2002)

Storyline:In North Carolina especially in Beaufort a prank on a guy goes wrong and puts the student in the clinic. Carter, a famous student with no plans for the future, is held responsible and forced to join in after...

Doc Hollywood (1991) 6.2

Doc Hollywood (1991)

Storyline:Benjamin Stone is a young doctor driving to L.A., where he is interviewing for a high-paying job as a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills. He gets off the highway to avoid a traffic jam, but gets lost and ends ...