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Luther (2003) 6.6

Luther (2003)

Storyline:Biography of Martin Luther (Joseph Fiennes), the sixteenth century priest who led the Christian Reformation, and opened up new possibilities in exploration of faith. This movie begins with his vow to become ...

The Order (2003) 5.2

The Order (2003)

Storyline:Alex Bernier (Ledger) is a member of an arcane order of priests known as Carolingians. When the head of the order dies, Alex is sent to Rome to investigate mysterious circumstances surrounding the death. The...

Zwinglis Erbe (2018) 7.8

Zwinglis Erbe (2018)

Storyline:While Heinrich Bullinger and Leo Jud wait for news from Huldrych Zwingli from the bloody battle of Kappel am Albis, the young Bullinger learns from Jud how things could get this far: When Zwingli begins to p...

Viy (1967) 7.4

Viy (1967)

Storyline:Getting lost, wandering home whilst on leave from his seminary, novice monk Khoma stays in the barn of an old woman. A scuffle breaks out. Later, he is summoned to stand and pray over a young dead woman, in ...

Stage Mother (2020) 6.1

Stage Mother (2020)

Storyline:A conservative church choir director inherits her late son's San Francisco drag club.User Reviews: Jacki Weaver is "Maybeline", a pretty conservative Texan woman who discovers that her estranged, g...

The Song of Bernadette (1943) 7.6

The Song of Bernadette (1943)

Storyline:In 1858 France, Bernadette, an adolescent peasant girl, has a vision of "a beautiful lady" in the city dump. She never claims it to be anything other than this, but the townspeople all assume it to be the vi...

Final Prayer (2013) 5.8

Final Prayer (2013)

Storyline:A team of Vatican investigators descend upon a church in a remote area to demystify the unusual happenings, but what they discover is more disturbing than they had first imagined.User Reviews: A small team o...

Inferno (2016) 6.2

Inferno (2016)

Storyline:Famous symbologist on a trail of clues tied to the great Dante himself. When Langdon wakes up in an Italian hospital with amnesia, he teams up with Sienna Brooks, a doctor he hopes will help him recover his ...

Gospel of Deceit (TV Movie 2006) 5.1

Gospel of Deceit (TV Movie 2006)

Storyline:In the small town of Heward, Pennsylvania, charismatic Reverend Ted Wendell and his wife of twenty years Emily Wendell are the well-respected power couple behind the Heward Community Church and its associate...

Simon Sez (1999) 2.5

Simon Sez (1999)

Storyline:Basketball superstar Dennis Rodman stars as a hip Interpol agent attempting to defeat the deadly plans of a crazed arms dealer.User Reviews: Some films are so poor that and unintentionally amusing that they ...

Thaandavam (2012) 6.1

Thaandavam (2012)

Storyline:The film opens with Kenny (Vikram), a Pianist in a church and a blind man who is on a vendetta mission in London, which has been ravaged by a series of bomb blasts. During the night, Kenny becomes an obsesse...

Pray 2: The Woods (Video 2008) 4

Pray 2: The Woods (Video 2008)

Storyline:Still riding high from her #1 Best-selling Book Tour, Laurie Curtis finishes what she thinks is just another Talk Show appearance. As the sun goes down and the shadows deepen, she heads home to enjoy what wa...

The Good Book (2014) 6

The Good Book (2014)

Storyline:A small New Testament passes through the hands of fourteen strangers. For seven of the individuals, their lives will never be the same.User Reviews: Someone must have seen Tales Of Manhattan where a tuxedo c...

His Dark Materials (TV Series 2019– ) 7.9

His Dark Materials (TV Series 2019– )

Storyline:His Dark Materials is one of the supreme works of imaginative fiction for both children and adults published in the 20th century. Northern Lights introduces Lyra, an orphan, who lives in a parallel universe ...

The 12 (2017) 6.3

The 12 (2017)

Storyline:A suicidal gunman holds a church congregation hostage as he seeks retribution for the sins of the pastor.User Reviews: Great story, great acting, great cinematography. This film has everything

Nature Unleashed: Volcano (Video 2005) 3.5

Nature Unleashed: Volcano (Video 2005)

Storyline:A volcanologist attempts to convince an Italian town that a nearby volcano is soon to blow, whilst trying to make sense of his tragic past, and how it might be linked to the coming disaster.User Reviews: The...

The Decameron (1971) 7.2

The Decameron (1971)

Storyline:An adaptation of nine stories from Bocaccio's User Reviews:

Romero (1989) 7.1

Romero (1989)

Storyline:Romero is a compelling and deeply moving look at the life of Archbishop Oscar Romero of El Salvador, who made the ultimate sacrifice in a passionate stand against social injustice and oppression in his count...

Huie’s Sermon (1983) 6.0

Huie’s Sermon (1983)

Storyline:Reverend Huie Rogers is a preacher at the Bible Way Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ in Brooklyn. He is the topic of this short film, during which launches into an epic call-and-response denunciation of human...

Forbidden Empire (2014) 5.0

Forbidden Empire (2014)

Storyline:Early 18th century. Cartographer Jonathan Green undertakes a scientific voyage from Europe to the East. Having passed through Transylvania and crossed the Carpathian Mountains, he finds himself in a small vi...

Lonesome Dove Church (2014) 6.2

Lonesome Dove Church (2014)

Storyline:The true story of the formation of the Lonesome Dove Church in Texas.User Reviews:

Adam’s Apples (2005) 7.5

Adam’s Apples (2005)

Storyline:A neo-nazi sentenced to community service at a church clashes with the blindly devotional priest.User Reviews: Good Danish black humor.

I Am Michael (2015) 5.9

I Am Michael (2015)

Storyline:The controversial true story of a gay activist who rejects his homosexuality and becomes a Christian pastor.User Reviews:

Sweet Land (2005) 6.3

Sweet Land (2005)

Storyline:Set in 1920, Inge travels from Germany to rural Minnesota in order to meet the man destined to be her husband.User Reviews: