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All She Wants for Christmas (TV Movie 2006) 4.9

All She Wants for Christmas (TV Movie 2006)

Storyline:Forest City depends entirely on the Aikens Christmas decoration factory. Local economics graduate Judith 'Noelle' Dunn returned there to finish her thesis by analyzing the plant. A freak near-accident matche...

Pettersson und Findus 2 – Das schönste Weihnachten überhaupt (2016) 5.5

Pettersson und Findus 2 – Das schönste Weihnachten überhaupt (2016)

Storyline:Pettson promised Findus they would have the best christmas ever this year, but then everything goes wrong. Findus is afraid that Christmas is going to be cancelled at all. So he tries to get help on his own....

Il Mare (2000) 7.6

Il Mare (2000)

Storyline:Eun-joo moves out of her house "Il Mare", leaving behind a Christmas card for the eventual new owner of the house in 1999. In it she asks him/her to forward any mail of hers to her new address in the city. I...

Coming Home (2017) 5.5

Coming Home (2017)

Storyline:John is a workaholic that will come face to face with the death of his father and what being away from his family has done to the lives of his family.User Reviews: Really good story line, but really BAD acti...

A Christmas Melody (TV Movie 2015) 6

A Christmas Melody (TV Movie 2015)

Storyline:A gift of music transports people back to another time and place where they find their truest feelings.User Reviews: In spite of overwhelming urges for Folgers coffee, I still fell asleep. The casting is all...

Christmas & Co. (2017) 6.3

Christmas & Co. (2017)

Storyline:When all the elves get sick, Santa must find a cure on Earth to save Christmas.User Reviews: With a promising trailer, I was hoping to be able to add this movie to my list of favorite Christmas movies (Home ...

Santa Claus Conquers the Martians (1964) 2.7

Santa Claus Conquers the Martians (1964)

Storyline:Martians, upset that their children have become obsessed with TV shows from Earth which extol the virtues of Santa Claus, start an expedition to Earth to kidnap the one and only Santa. While on Earth, they k...

A Christmas Cruise (TV Movie 2017) 4.8

A Christmas Cruise (TV Movie 2017)

Storyline:When her best friend invites her along on a holiday-themed sail, an aspiring novelist unexpectedly finds the love of her life onboard.User Reviews: The shots for the cruse ships were different. The first was...

A Magic Christmas (2014) 5

A Magic Christmas (2014)

Storyline:Jack Carter, a modest, middle-aged man, and owner of a bakery has found himself and his family in a rut. Not only can he not provide his family with the finer things, he has also found he is not as close to ...

Naughty or Nice (TV Movie 2012) 6.5

Naughty or Nice (TV Movie 2012)

Storyline:Holiday humbug Krissy Kringle receives a special delivery intended for Santa Claus, the Naughty or Nice book he left behind while visiting a child, and uses the power of the book to expose the naughty deeds ...

Midnight Clear (2006) 6.1

Midnight Clear (2006)

Storyline:On Christmas Eve, Lefty is a homeless and unemployed alcoholic loser that will lose the right to see his son. In despair, he trades a gun and is ready to heist a convenience store and commit suicide. Eva is ...

Guess Who’s Coming to Christmas (TV Movie 2013) 5.8

Guess Who’s Coming to Christmas (TV Movie 2013)

Storyline:To repair his tarnished image, a jaded rock star publicly decides to fulfill a child's "Dear Santa" Christmas wish. After reluctantly agreeing to spend the holidays in a small town and perform in the local h...

Home for Christmas (2010) 6.2

Home for Christmas (2010)

Storyline:Following a prologue set in war-torn former Yugoslavia, the film follows several different Christmas celebrations in the small Norwegian town of Skogli. Paul is a thirty-three-year-old laborer who marches in...

The Santa Suit (TV Movie 2010) 6.7

The Santa Suit (TV Movie 2010)

Storyline:Hunter Toys CEO Drake Hunter turned his father's company from a cozy quality manufacturer into a ruthless, profitable business. After denying his staff any festive generosity again, the scrooge is suddenly a...

Holiday in Your Heart (TV Movie 1997) 6

Holiday in Your Heart (TV Movie 1997)

Storyline:LeAnn Rimes plays herself from her childhood in Nashville to her performing around the country as a country-western singer, until she has to make a choice: Does she perform at the Grand Ole Opry, following h...

A Doggone Christmas (2016) 3.8

A Doggone Christmas (2016)

Storyline:When the CIA discovers a cute orphan puppy with amazing telepathic abilities, the powers-that-be in Washington immediately lock him down and plan on forcing the poor dog to become a covert secret weapon. But...

Santa’s Boot Camp (2016) 3.1

Santa’s Boot Camp (2016)

Storyline:Exasperated from bratty, ungrateful and self-centered kids, Santa's elves decide to go on strike, and the elves' demands on Santa become rather unreasonable. In desperation, Santa brings six mischievous teen...

Santa Baby 2: Christmas Maybe (TV Movie 2009) 5.5

Santa Baby 2: Christmas Maybe (TV Movie 2009)

Storyline:Santa's in the midst of a "late-life" crisis--he's tired of the responsibilities of the job and he's ready to let his business-minded daughter, Mary, take over. Mary feels torn between the family business, r...

Love Actually (2003) 7.6

Love Actually (2003)

Storyline:Against the backdrop of aged has-been rock star Billy Mack's (Bill Nighy's) Christmas themed comeback cover of "Love Is All Around", which he knows is crap and makes no bones about it, much to his manager Jo...

Santa Hunters (TV Movie 2014) 4.5

Santa Hunters (TV Movie 2014)

Storyline:Four children try to claim that Santa Claus is real.User Reviews: It was pretty corny, but we watched it anyway. I guess for kids, and lonely adults it's cute.

88th Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade (2019) 7.2

88th Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade (2019)

Storyline:The Hollywood Christmas Parade takes place annually on the Sunday after Thanksgiving in Los Angeles, California.User Reviews:

The Borrowed Christmas (2014) 4.8

The Borrowed Christmas (2014)

Storyline:"The Borrowed Christmas" is the new family movie by Rossetti Productions. John Dale has everything. Money, notoriety, the biggest house in town. But what he really wants, is a good, old fashion Christmas. Wi...

Our Christmas Love Song (2019) 8.0

Our Christmas Love Song (2019)

Storyline:When country star Melody Jones is accused of plagiarizing her holiday single, she returns home to spend Christmas with her estranged family and old flame and learns what is important in life.User Reviews: