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Forced March (1989) 7.1

Forced March (1989)

Storyline:Ben Kline is a successful television actor looking for a meaningful role to make him a movie star. When he sets out to play a hero who died in the Holocaust, he is forced to face the reality of those victimi...

The Sentinel (1977) 6.4

The Sentinel (1977)

Storyline:A fashion model moves into a house inhabited (on the top floor) by a blind priest. She begins having strange physical problems, has trouble sleeping at night, and has some nasty flashbacks of her attempted s...

Safe (2012) 6.5

Safe (2012)

Storyline:In China, the girl Mei is a genius that looks like a computer in numbers. She is abducted by the Chinese Triads and the boss Han Jiao takes Mei to New York's Chinatown in order to help him in his criminal ac...

A Murderous Affair: The Carolyn Warmus Story (1992) 5.0

A Murderous Affair: The Carolyn Warmus Story (1992)

Storyline:A married man meets a beautiful woman and they begin an affair.User Reviews:

Protocol (1984) 5.7

Protocol (1984)

Storyline:Sweet, unsophisticated Sunny is working as a cocktail waitress. She saves a visiting dignitary and as a reward she gets a top-office job in the Washington beehive. She has to fight against a devious protocol...

Collision Course (1989) 4.7

Collision Course (1989)

Storyline:Tony Costas, a brash, obnoxious, sexist and racist Detroit cop who has long since stopped following the rules, gets told that he will have to work with Inspector Fuji, a straightlaced policeman from Japan. F...

The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) 8

The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

Storyline:Jack Skellington, the pumpkin king of Halloween Town, is bored with doing the same thing every year for Halloween. One day he stumbles into Christmas Town, and is so taken with the idea of Christmas that he ...

The Resurrected (1991) 6.4

The Resurrected (1991)

Storyline:Charles Dexter Ward's wife enlists the help of a private detective to find out what her husband is up to in a remote cabin owned by his family for centuries. The husband is a chemical engineer, and the smell...

Child’s Play (1988) 6.6

Child’s Play (1988)

Storyline:When Charles Lee Ray needs to get a quick escape from cop Mike Norris, he takes his soul and buries it into playful, seemingly good guy doll Chucky. Little does he know a little boy by the name of Andy Barcl...

A Tale of Two Cities (TV Movie 1980) 6.6

A Tale of Two Cities (TV Movie 1980)

Storyline:Dissolute barrister Sydney Carton becomes enchanted and then hopelessly in love with the beautiful Lucie Manette. But Lucie loves and marries Charles Darnay, and remains oblivious to Carton's undimmed devoti...

Fright Night (1985) 7.1

Fright Night (1985)

Storyline:For young Charley Brewster, nothing could be better than an old horror movie late at night. Two men move in next door, and for Charley with his horror movie experience, there can be no doubt that their stran...