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The Retrievers (TV Movie 2001) 4.9

The Retrievers (TV Movie 2001)

Storyline:Soon after the Lowry Family - Tom, his wife Karen, and their two children, Liz and Widdy - leave the big city and move to the small Northern California town of Placerville, they are 'adopted' by a very cleve...

The Candidate (1972) 7

The Candidate (1972)

Storyline:Californian lawyer Bill McKay fights for the little man. His charisma and integrity get him noticed by the Democratic Party machine and he is persuaded to run for the Senate against an apparently unassailabl...

California Conquest (1952) 5.1

California Conquest (1952)

Storyline:The period is the 1840's and California is part of Mexico. Many of the citizens wish to become part of the United States. Other countries are also interested and the Russians have established bases in the no...

It’s a Gift (1934) 7.2

It’s a Gift (1934)

Storyline:The owner of a general store (Harold Bisonette) is hounded by his status-anxious wife ("That's 'Bee-soh-nay'" and "I have no maid you know"). To get some sleep he goes out on the porch where he is tormented ...

Legally Blondes (Video 2009) 3.7

Legally Blondes (Video 2009)

Storyline:Moving from England to California, the youngest cousins of Elle Woods must defend themselves when their schools reigning forces turn on the girls and try to frame them for a crime.User Reviews: I enjoyed Leg...

Cairo (1942) 6.2

Cairo (1942)

Storyline:After the Cavity Rock, California Times Leader newspaper is chosen as America's typical small town newspaper, reporter Homer Smith gets to abroad and report on the war in a series of articles to be shared wi...

It’s a Great Feeling (1949) 6.3

It’s a Great Feeling (1949)

Storyline:A waitress at the Warner Bros. commissary is anxious to break into pictures. She thinks her big break may have arrived when two actors agree to help her. Written by Daniel Bubbeo <[email protected]

The Night Stalker (TV Movie 2016) 5.9

The Night Stalker (TV Movie 2016)

Storyline:An account of serial killer Richard Ramírez and his rampage in California during the mid-1980s.User Reviews: AS THE MOST HATED MAN in Cali. Thought he could break through from 'Young Guns''. Lol.

Volcano: Fire on the Mountain (TV Movie 1997) 4.5

Volcano: Fire on the Mountain (TV Movie 1997)

Storyline:A USGS scientist attempts to convince his boss and the residents of Angel Falls, California that a nearby volcano is about to erupt. Written by Murray Chapman <[email protected]>User R...

Private Property (1960) 6.8

Private Property (1960)

Storyline:Duke and Boots, two young thugs, hold up a California gas-station owner. Duke, viral and savage, taunts the slower and psychologically-confused Boots because he has never made a sexual conquest. Duke offers ...

Baghead (2008) 6

Baghead (2008)

Storyline:Four struggling actors retreat to a cabin in Big Bear, California in order to write a screenplay that will make them all stars. Problem is: What happens when their story idea -- a horror flick about a group ...

Spawn of the Slithis (1978) 3.9

Spawn of the Slithis (1978)

Storyline:A nuclear leak creates a mutant Slithis sea monster, which terrorizes the variety of pets, winos, and hippies who hang around Venice, California. Written by Jeremy Lunt <[email protected]

Along the Roadside (2013) 6.7

Along the Roadside (2013)

Storyline:Two young people from different parts of the world, their vastly different cultures and their journey of self-discovery during the drive to the largest music festival in California.User Reviews: I saw this f...

"Rick Stein’s Road to Mexico" Episode #1.1 (TV Episode 2017) 5.4

"Rick Stein’s Road to Mexico" Episode #1.1 (TV Episode 2017)

Storyline:Rick starts a modern trip back to the one he took along the Pacific coast of North America shortly after graduation and his father's death back in San Francisco. He finds it essentially unchanged, with great...

Roman J. Israel, Esq. (2017) 6.3

Roman J. Israel, Esq. (2017)

Storyline:Hard-nosed liberal lawyer Roman J. Israel has been fighting the good fight forever while others take the credit. When his partner the firm’s frontman has a heart attack, Israel suddenly takes on that role. H...

The Spy Who Dumped Me (2018) 6.4

The Spy Who Dumped Me (2018)

Storyline:Audrey and Morgan, two thirty-year-old best friends in Los Angeles, are thrust unexpectedly into an international conspiracy when Audrey’s ex-boyfriend shows up at their apartment with a team of deadly assas...

Searching (2018) 7.6

Searching (2018)

Storyline:After David Kim's 16-year-old daughter goes missing, a local investigation is opened and a detective is assigned to the case. But 37 hours later and without a single lead, David decides to search the one pla...

The Salton Sea (2002) 6.7

The Salton Sea (2002)

Storyline:After the murder of his beloved wife, a man in search of redemption is set adrift in a world where nothing is as it seems. On his journey, he befriends slacker Jimmy User Reviews: My name is Tom Van Allen. I...

Butterflies Are Free (1972) 7.4

Butterflies Are Free (1972)

Storyline:Striving to be independent, the blind but determined Don Baker (Edward Albert) moves away from his overprotective mother (Eileen Heckart, who won an Oscar). After settling into his new San Francisco digs, Do...

The Late Show (1977) 5.5

The Late Show (1977)

Storyline:Over-the-hill gumshoe in Los Angeles seeks to avenge the killing of an old pal, another detective who had gotten himself involved in a case concerning a murdered broad, stolen stamps, a nickel-plated handgun...

Seven Stages to Achieve Eternal Bliss (2020) 7.0

Seven Stages to Achieve Eternal Bliss (2020)

Storyline:A small-town couple finds the perfect apartment in the big city, except there's one catch: the apartment is home to the ritualistic suicides of a deranged cult.User Reviews:

Candyman: Day of the Dead (1999) 4.2

Candyman: Day of the Dead (1999)

Storyline:The Candyman returns to try to convince his female descendent, an artist, to join him as a legendary figure. To this end, he frames her for a series of hideous murders of her friends and associates so that s...

Looking: The Movie (2016) 7.4

Looking: The Movie (2016)

Storyline:Patrick returns to San Francisco for the first time in almost a year to celebrate a momentous event with his old friends. In the process, he must face the unresolved relationships he left behind and make dif...

Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance (2015) 4.2

Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance (2015)

Storyline:25 years later after the events of Samurai Cop (1991), Detective Frank Washington is forced to team up with his long estranged partner Joe Marshall to solve a series of assassinations being committed by a se...