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The Ladies of the House (2014) 4.5

The Ladies of the House (2014)

Storyline:THE LADIES OF THE HOUSE follows the events surrounding a birthday outing with two brothers and a friend which turns into a horrific fight for survival after they become trapped in a house with a "family" of ...

Tokyo Ghoul (2017) 5.8

Tokyo Ghoul (2017)

Storyline:In Tokyo, the shy student Kaneki Ken dates the girl Kamishiro Rize and while in a lonely park, she attacks him since she is a flesh-eater ghoul. Kaneki escapes but soon he learns that he has become a ghoul. ...

Lumberjack Man (2015) 4.4

Lumberjack Man (2015)

Storyline:As the staff of Good Friends Church Camp prepares for a spring break filled with User Reviews:

Chariot (2013) 5.2

Chariot (2013)

Storyline:Seven strangers wake aboard a passenger jet in mid-flight, with no idea how they got there - and no idea where they are headed. Cut off from the cockpit and with a dying smartphone as their sole source of co...

The High Schoolers Guide to College Parties (2015) 2.6

The High Schoolers Guide to College Parties (2015)

Storyline:The High-Schooler's Guide to College Parties centers on a high-school senior named Shaquille (a cool name he should appreciate). Shaq has grown up below the radar, raised in a middle-class family by an laid-...