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Porky’s II: The Next Day (1983) 5.1

Porky’s II: The Next Day (1983)

Storyline:A day has passed since they got even with Porky and his brother, the Angel Beach drama club are all set to do a William Shakespeare festival. They are a opposed by Miss Balbricker (the girls gym coach), reli...

Porky’s (1981) 6.2

Porky’s (1981)

Storyline:In 1954, a group of teenage male students of Florida's Angle Beach High School are determined to lose their virginity. They embark on games of sexual innuendo with female classmates whose activities Billy, T...

Murder by Decree (1979) 6.9

Murder by Decree (1979)

Storyline:Sherlock Holmes investigates London's most infamous case, Jack the Ripper. As he investigates, he finds that the Ripper has friends in high places. Written by John Vogel <[email protected]

From the Hip (1987) 6.3

From the Hip (1987)

Storyline:Apprentice lawyer Robin Weathers turns a civil suit into a headline grabbing charade. He must reexamine his scruples after his shenanigans win him a promotion in his firm, and he must now defend a college pr...

Baby Geniuses (1999) 3.8

Baby Geniuses (1999)

Storyline:Scientist hold talking, super-intelligent babies captive, but things take a turn for the worse when a mix-up occurs between a baby genius and its twin.User Reviews:

She-Man: A Story of Fixation (1967) 4.5

She-Man: A Story of Fixation (1967)

Storyline:A soldier is forced to take estrogen and wear lingerie when he's blackmailed by a violent transvestite.User Reviews:

Strip Club Massacre (2017) 3.9

Strip Club Massacre (2017)

Storyline:A young woman starting a new life is forced to take extreme measures against those around her after things go violently awry.User Reviews:

Loose Cannons (1990) 5.3

Loose Cannons (1990)

Storyline:Mac, the two fisted savy cop finds that he's being saddled with a new partner, a known burn out, to work with him on a new and difficult case. The new partner is, Ellis, an amazing detective, one who puts Sh...

Black Christmas (1974) 6.9

Black Christmas (1974)

Storyline:A sorority house is terrorized by a stranger who makes frightening phone calls and then murders the sorority sisters during Christmas break.User Reviews: ***Historical slasher with John Saxon, Olivia Hussey ...

A Christmas Story (1983) 8

A Christmas Story (1983)

Storyline:Christmas is approaching and 9 year-old Ralphie wants only one thing: a Red Ryder Range 200 Shot BB gun. When he mentions it at the dinner table, his mother's immediate reaction is that he'll shoot his eye o...

Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things (1972) 5.5

Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things (1972)

Storyline:An acting troupe led by Alan Ormsby go to a graveyard on a remote island to perform a necromantic ritual. The ritual works too well and soon the dead are walking about and chowing down on human flesh. The dw...

Dead of Night (1974) 6.7

Dead of Night (1974)

Storyline:A young Soldier is killed in the line of duty in Vietnam. That same night, the soldier returns home, brought back by his Mother's wishes that he "Don't Die"! Upon his Return, Andy sits in his room, refusing ...