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Cobra Verde (1987) 7.0

Cobra Verde (1987)

Storyline:A fearsome 19th century bandit, Cobra Verde cuts a swath through Brazil until he arrives at the sugar plantation of Don Octávio Countinho. Not knowing that his new guest is the notorious bandit and impressed...

A Genius, Two Friends, and an Idiot (1975) 6.5

A Genius, Two Friends, and an Idiot (1975)

Storyline:Three rogues set out to rob $300,000 from an Indian-hating cavalry major.User Reviews:

Cemetery Without Crosses (1969) 7.0

Cemetery Without Crosses (1969)

Storyline:Maria seeks revenge on the killers of her husband. She enlists the help of her husband's best friend, Manual, a reluctant, but skilled, gunfighter.User Reviews: The Black Glove Man.rnrnUne corde, un Colt (AK...