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Cops and Robbers (2017) 4.7

Cops and Robbers (2017)

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Storyline:A police hostage negotiator plays a dangerous game of cat and mouse with a cornered bank robber who is hell bent on getting out of the bank and humiliating his brother, the police hostage negotiator, in the ...

Shoot Out (1971) 6.1

Shoot Out (1971)

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Storyline:Clay Lomax, a bank robber, gets out of jail after an 7 year sentence. He is looking after Sam Foley, the man who betrayed him. Knowing that, Foley hires three men to pay attention of Clay's steps. The things...

Kansas (1988) 5.0

Kansas (1988)

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Storyline:A drifter becomes both a bank robber and a hero in this crime thriller. Andrew McCarthy stars as Wade Corey, who hitches a ride on a freight train already occupied by Doyle Kennedy (Matt Dillon), a charming ...

The League of Gentlemen (1960) 7.3

The League of Gentlemen (1960)

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Storyline:Involuntarily-retired Colonel Hyde recruits seven other dissatisfied ex-servicemen for a special project. Each of the men has a skeleton in the cupboard, is short of money, and is a service-trained expert in...

All Monsters Attack (1969) 4.1

All Monsters Attack (1969)

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Storyline:A bullied schoolboy dreams of traveling to Monster Island, where he befriends Godzilla's son, who is also having bully troubles.User Reviews:

Dogville (2003) 7.8

Dogville (2003)

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Storyline:A barren soundstage is stylishly utilized to create a minimalist small-town setting in which a mysterious woman named Grace hides from the criminals who pursue her. The town is two-faced and offers to harbor...

Heist (2001) 6.3

Heist (2001)

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Storyline:Joe Moore has a job he loves. He's a thief. His job goes sour when he gets caught on security camera tape. His fence, Bergman reneges on the money he's owed, and his wife may be betraying him with the fence'...

Stander (2003) 6.5

Stander (2003)

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Storyline:The life and career of Andre Stander, a South African police officer turned bank robber.User Reviews:

The Last Outlaw (1993) 5.0

The Last Outlaw (1993)

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Storyline:The story follows a band of former Confederate soldiers who were part of a cavalry unit. Their commander, Graff (Rourke) had once been a heroic and staunch supporter of the southern cause, but after losing h...

Bandidas (2006) 5.9

Bandidas (2006)

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Storyline:Set in the late 19th century. When a ruthless robber baron takes away everything they cherish, a rough-and-tumble, idealistic peasant and a sophisticated heiress embark on a quest for justice, vengeance…and ...

The Old Man & the Gun (2018) 6.8

The Old Man & the Gun (2018)

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Storyline:Based on the true story of Forrest Tucker (Robert Redford), from his audacious escape from San Quentin at the age of 70 to an unprecedented string of heists that confounded authorities and enchanted the publ...

Bonnie and Clyde (1967) 7.9

Bonnie and Clyde (1967)

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Storyline:1934. Young adults Bonnie Parker, a waitress, and Clyde Barrow, a criminal just released from prison, are immediately attracted to what the other represents for their life when they meet by chance in West Da...

Citizen Gangster (2011) 6.2

Citizen Gangster (2011)

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Storyline:Based on a real WWII vet and family man turned bank robber. Disillusioned by his post war circumstances, Eddie Boyd is torn between the need to provide for his young family and an unfulfilled dream to head t...

Cockneys vs Zombies (2012) 5.9

Cockneys vs Zombies (2012)

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Storyline:This British movie is about a group of inept criminals who decide to rob a bank so they can save their grandfather's retirement home from being demolished by developers. Meanwhile on another building site so...

Violent Saturday (1955) 7

Violent Saturday (1955)

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Storyline:A number of otherwise insignificant small-town stories erupt into drama when a gang of hoodlums decides to rob the local bank. A father looking for pride in his son's eyes, a timid clerk who is a peeping tom...

Set It Off (1996) 6.9

Set It Off (1996)

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Storyline:Four Black women, all of whom have suffered for lack of money and at the hands of the majority, undertake to rob banks. While initially successful, a policeman who was involved in shooting one of the women's...

Hell or High Water (2016) 7.6

Hell or High Water (2016)

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Storyline:In Texas, after the death of his mother, the unemployed oil and gas worker Toby Howard is losing his ranch to the Texas Midlands Bank. Toby is divorced from his wife who lives with their two sons. When his b...