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The Entertainers (1991) 0.0

The Entertainers (1991)

Storyline:Bob Newhart stars as comedian Todd Wilson, whose act includes a chimp. Linda Gray plays Laura, the love interest - for Todd, not the chimp.User Reviews:

The Flesh (1991) 5.9

The Flesh (1991)

Storyline:A beautiful film which is basically about a man, a piano player, who meets and falls in love with a beautiful and voluptuous woman, who, by some strange procedure, leaves the man unable to move but with a pe...

Prospero’s Books (1991) 7.3

Prospero’s Books (1991)

Storyline:An exiled magician finds an opportunity for revenge against his enemies muted when his daughter and the son of his chief enemy fall in love in this uniquely structured retelling of the 'The Tempest'.User Rev...

Timebomb (1991) 5.4

Timebomb (1991)

Storyline:When someone tries to murder watchmaker Eddy Kay, the incident triggers a barrage of nightmares and flashbacks into a past that isn't his own. Fearing for his sanity, Eddy contacts psychiatrist Dr. Anna Nolm...

An American Tail: Fievel Goes West (1991) 6.3

An American Tail: Fievel Goes West (1991)

Storyline:Some time after the Mousekewitz's have settled in America, they find that they are still having problems with the threat of cats. That makes them eager to try another home out in the west, where they are pro...

God of Gamblers III Back to Shanghai (1991) 6.9

God of Gamblers III Back to Shanghai (1991)

Storyline:After the events in God of Gamblers II, Tai-Kun who lost his ESP powers has regained the abilities again and seeks revenge against Sing, the Saint of Gamblers. When Tai-Kun, aided by his fellow disciples, ex...

Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey (1991) 6.2

Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey (1991)

Storyline:Amiable slackers Bill and Ted are once again roped into a fantastical adventure when De Nomolos, a villain from the future, sends evil robot duplicates of the two lads to terminate and replace them. The robo...

Body Parts (1991) 5.8

Body Parts (1991)

Storyline:A criminal psychologist loses his arm in a car crash, and becomes one of three patients to have their missing limbs replaced by those belonging to an executed serial killer. One of them dies violently, and d...

House Party 2 (1991) 5.0

House Party 2 (1991)

Storyline:Kid'N'Play leave their neighborhood and enter the world of adulthood and higher education. Play attempts to get rich quick in the music business while Kid faces the challenges of college.User Reviews: In the...

Jungle Fever (1991) 6.3

Jungle Fever (1991)

Storyline:A successful and married black man contemplates having an affair with a white girl from work. He's quite rightly worried that the racial difference would make an already taboo relationship even worse.User Re...

Frankie and Johnny (1991) 6.7

Frankie and Johnny (1991)

Storyline:When Johnny is released from prison following a forgery charge, he quickly lands a job as a short-order cook at a New York diner. Following a brief fling with waitress Cora, Frankie develops an attraction fo...

Kickboxer 2:  The Road Back (1991) 4.4

Kickboxer 2: The Road Back (1991)

Storyline:In this rousing sequel to Kickboxer, Tong Po broods about his defeat at the hands of Kurt Sloan. Po and his managers resort to drastic measures to goad Kurt into the ring for a rematch.User Reviews:

A Chinese Ghost Story III (1991) 6.5

A Chinese Ghost Story III (1991)

Storyline:Having slept for a century, the monstrous Tree Devil is now awaken and starts finding lost souls again. One stormy night, a wise High Priest and his student Fong pass by the Orchid Temple and realize that it...

My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys (1991) 0.0

My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys (1991)

Storyline:Scott Glenn is H.D., a champion rodeo rider whose career is ruined after being gored by a bull. He returns home to discover things have drastically changed -- the family farm has been abandoned, his old girl...

Company Business (1991) 5.5

Company Business (1991)

Storyline:An aging agent is called back by User Reviews:

Hum (1991) 6.0

Hum (1991)

Storyline:Tiger works for the local Don Bhaktawar but never hesitates to revolt against him if he harms his friends or family. When his girlfriend Jumma's brother Gonsalves is killed by Bhakhtawar for revolting agains...

Guilty by Suspicion (1991) 6.3

Guilty by Suspicion (1991)

Storyline:This compelling story vividly recreates Hollywood's infamous 'Blacklist Era'. The witch-hunt has begun and director David Merrill can revive his stalled career by testifying against friends who are suspected...

Smack and Thistle (1991) 0.0

Smack and Thistle (1991)

Storyline:With a drug-addled lifestyle and a prison sentence firmly behind him, Abel is determined to go straight and stay clean... as soon as he's seen to one final heist. In the house that he burgles he comes across...

Marilyn and Me (1991) 6.0

Marilyn and Me (1991)

Storyline:Aspiring writer Robert Slatzer (Jesse Dabson) befriends Norma Jean Baker (Susan Griffiths) in 1946, the year she becomes Marilyn Monroe.User Reviews:

Another You (1991) 5.4

Another You (1991)

Storyline:George has been in a mental hospital for 3 years and is finally ready to go out into the real world again. Eddie Dash, a dedicated con-man, is supposed to keep him out of trouble, but when people begin to re...

The Rapture (1991) 6.2

The Rapture (1991)

Storyline:A lonely telephone operator leading an empty, amoral life finds God — only to have her faith continually tested in ways beyond what she could have imagined.User Reviews:

Vice Academy Part 3 (1991) 5.5

Vice Academy Part 3 (1991)

Storyline:Two sisters in the Vice Academy try to thwart the crime wave wrought by escaped convict Malathion, who got her name after being exposed to toxic chemicals. An honest new recruit does such a good job at arres...

Mom (1991) 5.3

Mom (1991)

Storyline:During a time when the city of Los Angeles is terrorized by animal attack style murders, a kindly elderly lady provides a nomad with room and board. It turns out that he is a werewolf and is responsible for ...

35 Up (1991) 8.0

35 Up (1991)

Storyline:Director Michael Apted revisits the same group of British-born adults after a 7 year wait. The subjects are interviewed as to the changes that have occurred in their lives during the last seven years.User Re...