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Courage of Lassie (1946) 6.4

Courage of Lassie (1946)

Storyline:Bill (Pal) gets separated from his litter, making friends with the wild creatures until he's found and adopted by young Kathie Merrick (Dame Elizabeth Taylor). An accident separates him from her, and he's dr...

Gilda (1946) 7.7

Gilda (1946)

Storyline:Just arrived in Argentina, small-time crooked gambler Johnny Farrell is saved from a gunman by sinister Ballin Mundson, who later makes Johnny his right-hand man. But their friendship based on mutual lack of...

The Bride Wore Boots (1946) 6.2

The Bride Wore Boots (1946)

Storyline:Rich and beautiful Southern heiress Sally Warren loves horse-racing and running her horse-farm although her husband of seven years hates the four-legged mammals. Spouse Jeff Warren is a successful author, Ci...

The Virginian (1946) 6.5

The Virginian (1946)

Storyline:Arriving at Medicine Bow, eastern schoolteacher Molly Woods meets two cowboys, irresponsible Steve and the "Virginian," who gets off on the wrong foot with her. To add to his troubles, the Virginian finds th...

Sylvie et le fantôme (1946) 7.1

Sylvie et le fantôme (1946)

Storyline:On the eve of her 16th birthday, Sylvie's father needs cash to stay in his castle so he sells Sylvie's favorite thing, a painting of Alain, the lover of Sylvie's grandmother, killed in a duel. Alain's ghost ...

Paisan (1946) 7.7

Paisan (1946)

Storyline:Enmeshed with the Italian Campaign during the liberation of Italy between 1943-1944, six distinct but unconnected episodes unfold. Starting off from Sicily, a local girl, Carmela, guides a band of American s...

Murderers Among Us (1946) 7.4

Murderers Among Us (1946)

Storyline:Susanne Wallner returns to the ruins of Berlin from a Concentration Camp after WW2 to discover that someone else lives in her apartment: Dr. Hans Mertens, the war made him depressive and he drinks a lot of a...

A Christmas Dream (1946) 6.3

A Christmas Dream (1946)

Storyline:Christmas has arrived. As a little girl and her parents enter the room, the little girl finds all kinds of toys under the Christmas Tree. She immediately throws her old doll aside and starts playing with her...

Calcutta (1946) 6.3

Calcutta (1946)

Storyline:Neale Gordon and Pedro Lake, commercial pilots who fly the hump between Chungking and Calcutta learn, when they reach Calcutta, that their pal, Bill Cunningham, has been murdered. Neales investigation leads ...

Panique (1946) 8

Panique (1946)

Storyline:In the suburbs of Paris, an old maid has just been murdered. Every body talks about that, except the misanthrope Mr Hire. The same evening, Alice, just getting out of jail, arrives and meets up with her love...

House of Horrors (1946) 6.2

House of Horrors (1946)

Storyline:Marcel De Lange is a struggling sculptor whose work and sanity are derided by the New York art critics. After waspishly officious critic F. Holmes Harmon ruins a sale for De Lange by dismissing his expressio...

The Locket (1946) 7.2

The Locket (1946)

Storyline:Lovely Nancy seems like the ideal bride to fiancée John Willis... until, just before the ceremony, Willis is approached by Harry Blair, claiming to be Nancy's former husband. The tale Blair unfolds (in a fla...

The Blue Dahlia (1946) 6.7

The Blue Dahlia (1946)

Storyline:Soon after a veteran's return from war his cheating wife is found dead. He evades police in an attempt to find the real murderer.User Reviews: The Blue Dahlia is the epitome of Film Noir. It has an excellen...

Black Angel (1946) 6.0

Black Angel (1946)

Storyline:A falsely convicted man's wife, Catherine (Vincent), and an alcoholic composer and pianist, Martin (Duryea) team up in an attempt to clear her husband of the murder of a blonde singer, who is Martin's wife. ...

No Regrets for Our Youth (1946) 7.0

No Regrets for Our Youth (1946)

Storyline:Yukie, the well-bred daughter of a university professor, is shocked when her father is relieved of his post for his political teachings, and even more so when her lover, one of her father's students, is arre...

The Return of Monte Cristo (1946) 7.0

The Return of Monte Cristo (1946)

Storyline:Louis Hayward, star of 1940's Son of Monte Cristo, returns to Alexandre Dumas territory in Columbia's Return of Monte Cristo. This time, Hayward plays the grandson of his namesake Edmond Dantes, who, it will...

The Time of Their Lives (1946) 7.1

The Time of Their Lives (1946)

Storyline:Two ghosts who were mistakenly branded as traitors during the Revolutionary War return to 20th century New England to retieve a letter from George Washington which would prove their innocence.User Reviews:

Lost City of the Jungle (1946) 6.3

Lost City of the Jungle (1946)

Storyline:A movie serial in 13 chapters, and Lionel Atwill's final film: Following the end of WWII, war-monger Sir Eric Hazarias sets the wheel in motion for WWIII. His search for Meteorium 245, the only practical de...

Green for Danger (1946) 7.1

Green for Danger (1946)

Storyline:In the midst of Nazi air raids, a postman dies on the operating table at a rural hospital. But was the death accidental?User Reviews: In view of my failure - correction, comparative failure.rnrnInspector Coc...

Little Giant (1946) 6.0

Little Giant (1946)

Storyline:Lou Costello plays a country bumpkin vacuum-cleaner salesman, working for the company run by the crooked Bud Abbott. To try to keep him under his thumb, Abbott convinces Costello that he's a crackerjack sale...

Nobody Lives Forever (1946) 5.9

Nobody Lives Forever (1946)

Storyline:A con artist falls for the rich widow he's trying to fleece.User Reviews:

The Yearling (1946) 6.6

The Yearling (1946)

Storyline:Jody convinces his parents to allow him to adopt a young deer, but what will happen if the deer misbehaves?User Reviews:

Great Expectations (1946) 7.2

Great Expectations (1946)

Storyline:In this Dickens adaptation, orphan Pip discovers through lawyer Mr. Jaggers that a mysterious benefactor wishes to ensure that he becomes a gentleman. Reunited with his childhood patron, Miss Havisham, and h...

Under the Bridges (1946) 7.3

Under the Bridges (1946)

Storyline:Two barge skippers fall in love with the same woman.User Reviews: