Mountains & Manhood (2018)

Mountains & Manhood (2018)

Released: 2018
Genre: Documentary, Genre
Director: Fields Cage
Starring: Tommy Dial, John Daugherty, Tyler Barnes, ,
Run time: 59 min
IMDb: /10
Country: USA
Views: 109998


For the past 35 years, Jeff Voth has led his sons and other groups of men on an annual backpacking trip into the Colorado Rocky Mountains. This trip has become a legendary, masculine benchmark. Learning life-skills, trout fishing, extreme physical fatigue and the sharing of deep heart-felt secrets in a sometimes beautiful, sometimes terrifying alpine backdrop has etched this event indelibly into these men’s lives. They would each tell you that they have been forever changed – that they have been forged into a deeper and healthier masculine place – that they have become better men because of “The Trip”.
Written by
Caleb Voth
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Public on October 1, 2020

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