"Motherland: Fort Salem" Coup (TV Episode 2020)

"Motherland: Fort Salem" Coup (TV Episode 2020)

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Genre, TV-Show
Director: Steven A. Adelson
Starring: Demetria McKinney, Amalia Holm, Taylor Hickson, ,
Run time: min
IMDb: 9.1/10
Views: 24759


In the aftermath of Citydrop, the unit comes closer together, while their distrust of Alder grows. Abigail is faced with eulogizing a fallen soldier, while Tally learns something new about Gerit. Anacostia grants one last favor to Scylla.
User Reviews: This show just delivers blow after blow! It strikes a match and your heart burns along with it. The action and disaster is just brewing and building in a beautifully orchestrated tale. I cannot sing high enough praise about this episode or this show in general.

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