Minor Details (2009)

Minor Details (2009)

Released: 2009
Genre: Adventure, Family, Genre, Mystery
Director: John Lyde
Starring: Danielle C. Ryan, Caitlin E.J. Meyer, Kelsey Edwards, ,
Run time: 86 min
IMDb: 4.5/10
Country: USA
Views: 137975


Someone’s trying to make the students sick at the upscale boarding school, Danforth Academy! Abby, Paige, Claire and Taylor, join forces to solve the mystery. Could it be Mia or Riley – the girls who have everything that money can buy? Or Emily the know it all Principal’s daughter? Maybe it’s the wacky Sean Meneskie? Or the school’s strange Professor Plume. Whoever it is, the four best friends are going to find out!
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User Reviews: Okay, so I saw this movie when I was younger and fell in love with it. Years later, I realize that it’s pretty flawed.

First off, the acting isn’t that great. Edwards and Meyers seemed to be the worst out of all of them , and I’m pretty sure they only got the roles because their moms wrote it. The girl that played Riley (mean black girl) played the role well, but you could tell she was nervous. Emma Duke was just…bad. Like she’s the definition of a child actor. But despite this, they all play their characters, for what they are, pretty decently.

The writing is really weird and awkward sometimes. To the point where it’s almost distracting.

But I appreciate this movie because of the direction and the fact that the cast looked like they were actually having fun. The director obviously had a vision and the way the characters act is just…I don’t know, fun and charming to watch.

If you hate cliché tween movies, probably avoid this. If you’re a girl or someone who likes girl movies, then maybe give this a try. When I need something simple to watch, I usually go to this movie.

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