Mere Pyare Prime Minister (2018)

Mere Pyare Prime Minister (2018)

Released: 2018
Genre: Drama, Genre
Director: Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra
Starring: Syna Anand, Sonia Albizuri, Rasika Agashe, ,
Run time: 104 min
IMDb: 7.5/10
Country: India
Views: 61349


A story about four children living in a Mumbai slum in India. An eight-year old Kanhu writes a letter to the Prime Minister after a dramatic incident with his mother. A small boy has to achieve the impossible.
User Reviews: It pains me to believe that Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra made this damp squib of a movie which balances itself as a film that hopes to provide both entertainment and a social message. It fails miserably. Mostly because of the cringeworthy narrative where a young, streetsmart boy (Om Kanojiya) appeals to the Prime Minister of India to help him build a toilet for his single mother (Anjali Patil) in his area and travels from Mumbai to Delhi to deliver his handwritten letter to him. Almost every other facet in Mere Pyare Primer Minister (My Dear Prime Minister) – from the boy’s constant witty quips to the artificial nature of the proceedings that develop the conflict to the unusual response he gets during his quest – revokes a sense of stupidity (and revulsion) in the discerning viewer that cannot be described as "tugging at the heartstrings". If you have a functioning brain and are tired of this so-called social films that puke problems and their relevance at you, Mere Pyare Primer Minister is going to disappoint you big time. There’s absolutely no reason for you to consider this considering that even the talented Patil comes off as a poorly directed, unenthusiastic puppet in this drama. TN.

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