Maximum Impact (2017)

Maximum Impact (2017)

Released: 2017
Genre: Action, Comedy, Genre
Director: Andrzej Bartkowiak
Starring: Tom Arnold, Danny Trejo, Alexander Nevsky, ,
Run time: 109 min
IMDb: 2/10
Country: USA
Views: 83385


The US State Secretary arrives on a secret summit in Moscow, in order to dissipate the tension between the Russia-Americal relations. However the world face the threat of a World War III, when a leader on an international terrorist group organizes an assassination of the US State Secretary and kidnaps his granddaughter. Despite their differences, CIA and FSB unite to save humanity .
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User Reviews: I really enjoyed this movie a lot !
Great movie to have on while having friends over with some beers

This movie should be ranked way higher !

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