Mashaal (1984)

Mashaal (1984)

Released: 1984
Genre: Genre
Director: Yash Chopra
Starring: ,
Run time: 162 min
IMDb: 8.5/10
Country: India
Views: 182223


After being dismissed from his employment as a newspaper editor, for writing against S.K. Vardhan, a influential politician and underworld don, Vinod Kumar, re-locates to the slums of Bombay, and starts his own publication. He soon runs into problems with the local street-gangs, one of which is headed by the notorious Raja. Vinod adopts a positive approach, and this brings out the best in Raja, who even manages to take Vinod’s wife, Sudha, to hospital, risking his life, during a Bombay Bandh. Raja then decides to go straight, give up his gang, and study further, encouraged by girlfriend, Geeta. He leaves the slums to upgrade. Several months later, he returns back, anxious to get working with Vinod and his publication, only to find that Vinod is now a criminal don, who has no interest whatsoever in any publication, nor in Raja.
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