Manos Returns (2018)

Manos Returns (2018)

Released: 2018
Genre: Genre, Horror
Director: Tonjia Atomic
Starring: Diane Adelson, Tom Neyman, Jackey Neyman Jones, ,
Run time: 67 min
IMDb: 3.6/10
Country: USA
Views: 64292


MANOS Returns is the follow up film to the cult favorite Manos: The Hands of Fate, created by Jackey Neyman Jones who portrayed Debbie from the original film.
User Reviews: I thoroughly enjoyed this film. Not only was it fun to see a few original cast members make an appearance in the film but it really captured the spirit of the original. Those who say it was boring are missing the charm as well as forgetting the original. The film is very much aware of what type of movie it is and plays to its strengths.
If you have seen the original, you know Torgo is one of the more memorable characters. The same goes for Steven Shields version of the character. He really captured the essence of the original Torgo and yet gave it his own spin.
While some of the scenes and situations may feel similar to the original Manos, I think there is enough new story elements introduced that make Manos Returns its own film.
Same could be said about some of the scenes in other horror film sequels feeling the same as the original and people still enjoyed them.
Yes this film, like its predecessor was made on a micro budget. Therefore you do run into some of the same aesthetics as a micro budget film. This may put people off to it. But if you enjoyed the original at all then this is a must see sequel. It is not going to be for everyone but it is a sequel I know The Master would approve.
If you are wondering, yes he is in it too. 😀

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