Major Payne (1995)

Major Payne (1995)

Released: 1995
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Family, Genre
Director: Nick Castle
Starring: Bam Bam Bigelow, Michael Ironside, Damon Wayans, ,
Run time: 95 min
IMDb: 6.2/10
Country: USA
Views: 187370


Major Benson Winifred Payne is being discharged from the Marines. Payne is a killin’ machine, but the wars of the world are no longer fought on the battlefield. A career Marine, he has no idea what to do as a civilian, so his commander finds him a job – commanding officer of a local school’s JROTC program, a bunch or ragtag losers with no hope. Using such teaching tools as live grenades and real bullets, Payne starts to instill the Corps with some hope. But when Payne is recalled to fight in Bosnia, will he leave the Corps that has just started to believe in him, or will he find out that killin’ ain’t much of a livin’?
Written by
Michael Silva <[email protected]>
User Reviews: Some people love this movie, others hate it (it reminds me of that movie "Dutch" with Ed O’Neil). I can relate to both camps. I know low-brow comedy when I see it, and this truly is obnoxious comedy at its best (or worst) but then again, so was that SOB called Boot Camp that some of us lucky ones got to go through. So if you are ex-military, OR perhaps had any sort of disciplined upbringing by an ex-military father, watch this movie and you will laugh til you cry. I can’t think of a better movie to watch to give comic relief and some emotional counterbalance to the whole dreadful experience of boot camp.

Many of the gags are side-splittingly funny, and the vocal tones and mannerisms of Major Payne are just spot-on hilarious (again, not everybody will find it funny, mainly it’s for those who were there). And the kids in the film do a remarkable job in their supporting roles. The kids in fact steal the show (especially the younger ones). Lots of absurdity in the movie, but still here and there peeks through a poignant maturity on the deeper symbolism of what boot camp is all about (do you want to steal that trophy, or do you want to WIN it?).

I enjoyed this movie alot, not just for the comedy, but for the fact that it brought back a few fond memories of military life in spite of it all.

Favorite lines… Major Payne: Cause maybe I like ya’.

Foxy babe: Is that all?

Major Payne: Cause maybe I like ya’ alot.

Foxy babe: (puppy dog eyes…)

Major Payne: Don’t push the maybe, baby!

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