Mad Hot Ballroom (2005)

Mad Hot Ballroom (2005)

Released: 2005
Genre: Documentary, Family, Genre, Music
Director: Marilyn Agrelo
Starring: Eva Carrozza, Emma Therese Biegacki, Heather Berman, ,
Run time: 105 min
IMDb: 7.3/10
Country: USA
Views: 176498


Eleven-year-old New York City public school kids journey into the world of ballroom dancing and reveal pieces of themselves and their world along the way. Told from their candid, sometimes hilarious perspectives, these kids are transformed, from reluctant participants to determined competitors, from typical urban kids to “ladies and gentlemen,” on their way to try to compete in the final citywide competition. Providing unique insight into the incredible cultural diversity that is New York City, this film profiles several kids from three schools (out of 60) at this dynamic age, when becoming that “cool” teenager vies for position with familiar innocence, while they learn the merengue, rumba, tango, the foxtrot and swing.
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User Reviews: At first, I told my wife I didn’t want to go. I thought it was yet another movie of McDonalds generation 11-year-olds, snotty and attitudinal, populated with stupid, bumbling adults trying to please them. I was very, very wrong. It was one of the best movies I’ve seen in years. It had meaning, warmth, humor, pathos–you name it. It had real adults, and real kids. Real teachers who were not afraid to be clear, loud and firm with kids, but with a great deal of love for them–and vice-versa. Plus, it makes you fall in love with NYC. I want to see the film again, and I can’t recommend it enough. Hey, it’s appropriate for everyone, too. (By the way, look for the lady who played Oliver Warbucks’ assistant Grace in the movie "Annie"–she’s a real dancer and one of the judges at the end.) In sum: don’t miss this magic film.

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