Luther (2003)

Luther (2003)

Released: 2003
Genre: Animation, Drama, Genre, History
Director: Eric Till
Starring: Peter Ustinov, Bruno Ganz, Joseph Fiennes, ,
Run time: 123 min
IMDb: 6.6/10
Country: Germany
Views: 81423


Biography of Martin Luther (Joseph Fiennes), the sixteenth century priest who led the Christian Reformation, and opened up new possibilities in exploration of faith. This movie begins with his vow to become a monk, and continues through his struggles to reconcile his desire for sanctification with his increasing abhorrence of the corruption and hypocrisy pervading the Church’s hierarchy. He is ultimately charged with heresy and must confront the ruling Cardinals and Princes, urging them to make the Scriptures available to the common believer and lead the Church toward faith through justice and righteousness.
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User Reviews: I was expecting a Christian movie with a tight budget,and a goofy script…Not so!! This movie brought back memories of Chariots of Fire and Braveheart in its dipiction of courage and the conviction of Martin Luther. The script was excellent as well as the filming,music and editing. All of the characters were so believable that I felt that I was there among them. During most of the movie, you could have heard a pin drop it the theatre as well all felt the wide range of emotions. This is not a Catholic bashing movie, but rather and expose of the elitist powerbase of not only the early european church but the government of many of the countries in the 14-1500’s. Even if you know nothing of church history or Christianity, you owe it to yourself to experience this movie…you won’t be dissappointed.

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