Love Undercover 2: Love Mission (2003)

Love Undercover 2: Love Mission (2003)

Released: 2003
Genre: Comedy, Genre
Director: Joe Ma
Starring: Shiu Hung Hui, Daniel Wu, Miriam Chin Wah Yeung, ,
Run time: 100 min
IMDb: 5.3/10
Country: Hong Kong
Views: 95217


Frazzled cop Fong Lai Kuen is promoted after her heroic deeds. However, after a series of bumbles, she is nearly kicked off the force after she attacks the VIP she is supposed to be protecting. It turns out the VIP is actually an undercover agent, and Fong Lai Kuen must take her place in order to catch a high-class thief, all while trying to keep her relationship with her boyfriend from falling apart.
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User Reviews: A great followup to Love Undercover! The silly and ridiculous comedy returns again one scene after another. Running bits from the last one pop up now and then which adds a sense of familiarity to the new. Miriam is just as oddly paced as ever but this time it’s not so uncomfortable. Basically she is given a chance to redeem herself again just as the last. The story starts right away and for once a comedy with some very transitional and plausible storyline which gives a chance for all characters to shine including Man’s father, Sir and the rest of the police team. The highlights include the godfather’s three other godfathers getting released from prison (out of touch with Hong Kong today), the Puerto Risi ambassador, and the thief club. Miriam of course steals the show all the time with her quirky cute acting but the movie grows on the old because it expands so much and gives you new characters. Plus Joe Ma’s directing and timing is much more refined in this one due to mostly the very succinct script (he also doesn’t fail to throw in commentary on dumb pop culture things like he did with Twins last time). Yet many will think of the first one as their favorite because their heart throb Daniel Wu isn’t featured enough and that the first was a very different movie, concentrating on the relationship. LU2:LM’s theme could be the love for another, to do anything for that person but it offers quite a lot more than that and you’ll be laughing too much to even care. So "go, go, go!" and watch it.

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