Love Me Once Again (1968)

Love Me Once Again (1968)

Released: 1968
Genre: Drama, Genre
Director: So-yeong Jeong
Starring: Gye-hyeon Jeon, Hie Mun, Yeong-gyun Shin, ,
Run time: 93 min
IMDb: 5.8/10
Country: South Korea
Views: 88393


Hye-yeong had no idea that her lover, Shin-ho, was a married man until Shin-ho’s wife and children arrive in town. She leaves him but reappears 8 years later asking him to take responsibilty for their child
User Reviews: Film finished viewing right now. Very nice indeed. I searched the web reviews about this classic Korean but other than the Korean Movie Archive, and apart from the sites in Korean is not found anything. Too bad because I would have liked to go deeper …. Well patience .: I feel I must recommend watching this movie, Love Me Once Again has been elected as one of the best films of the sixties, and are not rare sequences that include earbud tenderness, by the way of this film have been numerous products followed. rich characters and well defined, and are well suited to melodrama and with a final wrenching albeit a little too predictable

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