Land (2021)

Land (2021)

Released: 2021
Genre: Drama, Genre
Director: Robin Wright
Starring: Sarah Dawn Pledge, Demián Bichir, Robin Wright, ,
Run time: 89 min
IMDb: 6.6/10
Country: USA
Views: 96162


A bereaved woman seeks out a new life, off the grid in Wyoming.
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Who doesn’t appreciate Robin Wright’s career as an actress? Every time I see her name attached to a film, I can’t help but feel excited about it. So, obviously, any movie with her would be one of my most anticipated films of Sundance. However, the main reason why I was highly expecting Land wasn’t due to her acting credit, but because this is her feature directorial debut. Her performance didn’t disappoint me, though, much on the contrary. Wright continues to prove her talent time and time again, delivering an incredibly captivating interpretation of a character who demonstrates that perseverance and the will to live can work as a healing method in the worst of times. An extraordinary character-study written by Jesse Chatham and Erin Dignam.

However, it’s her role as the director that surprises me the most. Her vision is clearly depicted through sumptuous cinematography (Bobby Bukowski) and an original score (Ben Sollee, Time For Three) that becomes part of the narrative. In fact, I dare write that without its music, Land would lack that special element to elevate everything as a whole. Well, to be fair, the Rockies hold landscapes so jaw-dropping and awe-inspiring that I would sincerely enjoy just staring at this movie for its sceneries.

It’s one of the best-looking films I’ve seen in the last few years, and that’s a key component because story-wise, there isn’t much action or impactful events going – except for the last couple of revelatory minutes – which might become tiresome for some viewers. It’s a bit odd how usually, I don’t see great replay value in this type of movies, but I genuinely want to revisit this one for its visuals and score. I can’t end this review without praising Demi├ín Bichir, who offers a performance as remarkable as Wright’s. Absolutely phenomenal.

Land is an outstanding feature directorial debut from Robin Wright, who also delivers one of my favorite performances of hers. An incredibly inspirational film that relies on its unforgettable visuals and an extremely engaging score to present me with one of my favorite movies of this year’s Sundance. Without the shadow of a doubt, it’s one of the most gorgeously shot films I’ve seen in quite a long time. Every single scene is filled with an awe-inspiring landscape in the background that took me to the beautiful snowy mountains in such an emotional manner. Thank you, Bobby Bukowski, for your jaw-dropping cinematography, but it’s Ben Sollee and Time For Three’s score that elevate the overall picture in a way that without their music, the storytelling would suffer tremendously. Demi├ín Bichir also deserves as much praise as Wright when it comes to their acting displays. Jesse Chatham and Erin Dignam’s screenplay isn’t groundbreaking, but Land breaks my personal tendency of feeling that this type of movie lacks replay value. I’ll rewatch this sooner or later, and I recommend everyone to do the same.

Rating: A-


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Public on March 4, 2021

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