Khuddar (1994)

Khuddar (1994)

Released: 1994
Genre: Action, Drama, Genre, Thriller
Director: Iqbal Durrani
Starring: Shakti Kapoor, Karisma Kapoor, Govinda, ,
Run time: 167 min
IMDb: 5.2/10
Country: India
Views: 195818


Honest Police Inspector Siddhant Suri takes it upon himself to bring to justice the people who are involved in human flesh trading business only to aggravate his fellow colleague inspector Adarsh Vardhan who is corrupt. Adarsh decides to teach Siddhant a lesson by tendering his resignation from the police force only to join politics so that he can contest against Siddhant’s father, Shastri who happens to be the Chief Minister of the region. With the help of Shastri’s corrupt assistant, Kanhaiyalal Adarsh manages to outwit Shastri and is elected as the next Chief Minister of that region. But Adarsh is still not satisfy humiliating Siddhant and continues to insult him when Siddhant is assign with the task of being the security in-charge of him. Meanwhile Siddhant meets with a blind cabaret dancer, Pooja and both get married. Unknown to Siddhant that his very own brother, Nandu is involved in the flesh trading business and is responsible for Pooja losing her sight.
Written by
gavin ([email protected])
User Reviews: Govinda is one of the most talented actors of Hindi Cinema today. I loved him as a kid, and I remember him being hailed as the ‘King of Comedy Films’ back in the day. But in ‘Khuddar’ he battles his usual ‘Comedic’ image and sinks his teeth into an out-and-out Action-Packed, Serious role.

‘Khuddar’ is the same old story of the Good Versus the Bad. It’s a battle between Truth & Pride. The regular action, emotional scenes, loud-fight sequences, hit songs and finally a highly anticipated climax.

Director Iqbal Durrani handles this 1994 fare very nicely. And I must credit him for casting Govinda in a completely serious and heavy-duty role. The Songs are good.

Acting wise, Govinda clearly rules the show. He is Brilliant from start to end. Karishma Kapoor is good. Kader Khan is superb. Shakti Kapoor is at his menacing best! Mahesh Anand is intimidating. Rami Reddy is adequate.

On the whole, A Must Watch for Die-Hard Govinda Fans!

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