Kardia (2006)

Kardia (2006)

Released: 2006
Genre: Drama, Genre
Director: Su Rynard
Starring: Erin Shpigel, Peter Stebbings, Mimi Kuzyk, ,
Run time: 85 min
IMDb: 5/10
Country: Canada


Kardia weaves fiction and science to tell the story of Hope, a pathologist who embarks on a journey of reconciliation. Hope discovers that the experimental heart operation she underwent as a child has mysteriously linked her life with another. To unlock the secret of her past, Hope must revisit her childhood and explore regions of her life that have heart stopping results.
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User Reviews: Since I watched this on the Sundance Channel, I had no expectations. I have seen the lead actress Mimi Kuzyk and the lead actor Peter Stebbings in other things, so I decided to try it. This is a sweet little film about a special relationship. The father is actually someone who rescues a little girl who was abandoned. The movie is many times in flashback, and it is these scenes that are much more interesting. The little girl, it turns out, has a congenital heart defect, so her father agrees to help in what was then an experimental procedure. The story weaves in and out from the past to present. The present part of the story is not as compelling. The movie is overtly sentimental, and it moved me. The pace is necessarily slow. Not a great movie, but one which I did not entertain the notion of turning off. That alone, to me, makes it a film to recommend.

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