Judgment Night (1993)

Judgment Night (1993)

Released: 1993
Genre: Action, Crime, Drama, Genre
Director: Stephen Hopkins
Starring: Denis Leary, Cuba Gooding Jr., Emilio Estevez, ,
Run time: 110 min
IMDb: 6.6/10
Country: USA
Views: 123611


Four pals are on their way to a boxing match, but get stuck in heavy traffic. To get to the boxing match in time they take the first exit they find to find another way to the venue. As they are driving around lost in gang-land they get stuck and witness a brutal murder. The killer wants no witnesses and tries to kill them too. The four pals get away the first time, but the killer is soon back on their tail again while they are trying to find help in the middle of nowhere.
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User Reviews: This movie was on late one night and I watched it due to the fact that Cuba Gooding Jr., Emilio Esteves and Stephen Dorf was in it. What emerged was a surprisingly good thriller great acting And the plot was quite good. Also Dennis Leary was a standout as the ruthless gangster.

All in all ****1/2 out of *****

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