JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time (Video 2014)

JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time (Video 2014)

Released: 2014
Genre: Action, Animation, Genre
Director: Giancarlo Volpe
Starring: Dante Basco, Laura Bailey, Diedrich Bader, ,
Run time: 52 min
IMDb: 5.9/10
Country: USA
Views: 146500


The Legion of Doom are attempting to use space satellites to freeze the Earth’s oceans, creating more land mass at the coastal regions for which they own. The JLA quickly arrive and the two teams engage in a classic battle of wills. This clash leads to Lex Luthor becoming trapped in a glacier of ice. In the 31st century Legion of Superheroes trainees; Dawnstar and Karate Kid are tasked with minding the Legion’s museum. Their tour leads them to Lex Luthor’s memorial; his body still encased in a large chuck of ice discovered in the 29th century. Karate Kid Inadvertently frees Luthor who secretly explores the museum himself, and soon uncovers the shrine to his greatest nemesis Superman. There he learns of the Kent’s involvement in Kal-El’s discovery. Luthor following the voices of Dawnstar and Karate Kid takes possession of an hourglass which holds the Time Trapper within. Whoever holds the hourglass controls this entity who is the master of time. Luthor returns to the 21st century, but …
Written by
Written by Nolan Hubbard<[email protected]>
User Reviews: First of all: Karate Kid IS a DC character made on 1966, way before the unrelated movie. That movie had to borrow the name from DC so, please, inform yourself before judging. I’ve watched this movie last week and I loved it. I’m 33 years old and I usually like the more complex plot of more adult oriented stories but I dislike the concept of adult they have, including excesive gore and sexual situations. This one is a movie for all publics, fun, with a conflict based on sci fi, not so different of the plot of more "adult" dc movies. I think you may like a movie for different reasons, but on this case, those reasons are primary based on enjoyment, is fun, it creates a good tension to make you wonder what will happen, has funny lines, with a dissobedient RobĂ­n that defies Batman and a comical Bizarro that says the opposite he is doing every time. Just watch it.

You’ll enjoy it.

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