Jason X (2001)

Jason X (2001)

Released: 2001
Genre: Action, Genre, Horror, Sci-Fi
Director: James Isaac
Starring: Jeff Geddis, Lexa Doig, Kane Hodder, ,
Run time: 91 min
IMDb: 4.4/10
Country: USA
Views: 143743


In the Year 2008, Jason Vorhees is cryogenically frozen in a Government Facility in Camp Crystal Lake, along with scientist Rowan. Many centuries later, in the year 2455, Earth is uninhabitable, and humans have moved to another planet known as Earth II. However, a team of students awakens both him and Rowan on a spaceship known as the Grendel. Jason begins killing the students and crew of the ship. Along the way, he is upgraded to Uber Jason. It’s now up to Rowan and the surviving students to stop Jason, this time on a spaceship.
Written by
updated by Lucy Gillam
User Reviews: 10/10 for my stick-ability, 1/10 for the movie. Poor acting, predictable lines, cheesy action.

Music is a big part of making this movie as bad as it is.

450 years in the future, humans are still as inept to rid the universe of the slowest killer ever.

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