Jab Tak Hai Jaan (2012)

Jab Tak Hai Jaan (2012)

Released: 2012
Genre: Drama, Genre, Romance
Director: Yash Chopra
Starring: Anushka Sharma, Katrina Kaif, Shah Rukh Khan, ,
Run time: 198 min
IMDb: 6.7/10
Country: India
Views: 145171


Samar Anand, a hard working young immigrant in the city of London, glimpses upon the love of his life, a gorgeous angelic looking girl, (Katrina Kaif). They meet and their bond blossoms into love with time spent together. Samar however meets with a serious accident, and Meera vows to God she will leave Samar forever if he allowed him to live again, their love affair ends as quickly as it began. Samar angered with God and fueled with his love for Meera, declares War against Him. Samar Anand vows to walk into the jaws of death everyday as a challenge to God to keep him alive. He becomes Major Samar Anand in the Indian Army, a bomb disposal chief, defusing bombs without ever wearing a bomb suit. It is here that Major Samar also known as ‘the man who cannot die’ meets Akira (Anushka Sharma), a spirited vibrant, ‘today’s generation’ Discovery Channel correspondent with a WTF attitude. Aware of Samar Anand’s story, Akira is determined to unravel the mystery of love in this intriguing story,…
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User Reviews: Jab Tak Hai Jaan (Review) – The movie has finally hit the screens with a lot of expectations mainly because it is the swansong of late veteran director Yash Chopra and also because it is a Shah Rukh Khan starrer. This movie was initially touted as "A Yash Chopra romance" as it is a genre in which the director has excelled in making movies from about half a decade. The movie begins in the present day when Samar Anand (Shah Rukh Khan), employed with Indian Army, dressed in military outfit makes an entry on an RE 500 and is trying to diffuse a bomb which he specialises in. Then enters a happy go lucky Iraa Rai (Anushka Sharma), a prospective documentary film-maker. By sequence of events we are soon taken 10 years back in time in London where Samar is employed to clear snow off the roads after a snowstorm which is just one among the many jobs he does to earn a living. On one such day, Samar comes across the other protagonist Meera (Katrina Kaif) who is running into a church to make a confession. Samar instantly falls for Meera, the daughter of a very well known industrialist played by Anupam Kher. No sooner, events take turn and Meera who approaches Samar to learn punjabi, falls for him. After a long wait, the interval which eluded you for a while actually happens. In the second half, Iraa wants to make a documentary on Samar Anand for Discovery Channel. So she goes around with him on all his endeavours and makes a documentary titled "The man who cannot die" inspired by all the successful bomb diffusing endeavours of Samar. Then Samar meets with an accident and ends up losing memory and can remember nothing since 2002. Finally what happens to the protagonists, Who lands up with whom in the climax is to be watched on the big screen. Yash Chopra who is known for capturing scenic locations and portraying romance like none other, has excelled in that front this time as well which is evident as the crowd cheers every single frame that looks exquisite. Cinematography is one of the USP’s of the movie as landscapes in Kashmir, the London bridge have been shot so well to the liking of the audience. A.R. Rahman makes his mark as well as the music of the film stands out in a couple of songs like Challa, Saans and Ishq Shava. Watching Challa and Saans on the big screen is literally a treat to one’s eyes. The music for the street dancing sequence and the choreography for the same is also brilliantly done. Watching this movie would probably take you back in time to those days when cinema meant storytelling. Glad to see that the Hindi film industry is going back to storytelling ways and that is definitely one of the main things that makes you sit back and watch even though about 15-20 mins in the second half might seem to be a bit dragging. The length of the movie could have been trimmed though. The performances by the actors are commendable. The montages of the making of "Jab Tak Hai Jaan" is shown at the end of the movie as a tribute to the director. The last frame in which Yash Chopra says "ACTION" and the crowd in the theatre clap, was the best tribute probably depicting that the man will always live on with his work. Watch this movie for it is definitely worth a watch. My verdict – 7/10.

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