It Lives Again (1978)

It Lives Again (1978)

Released: 1978
Genre: Genre, Horror, Sci-Fi
Director: Larry Cohen
Starring: John P. Ryan, Kathleen Lloyd, Frederic Forrest, ,
Run time: 91 min
IMDb: 5.2/10
Country: USA
Views: 185089


An epidemic of mutant monster babies sweeps America.
User Reviews: "It Lives Again" is a very consistent sequel to the 1974 original "It’s Alive". Of course it is, since both films are written, directed and produced by Larry Cohen. He picks things up after the events of the first film, by having Frank Davis (John P. Ryan) – father of the Davis monster baby which was killed at the end of the first film – visit soon-to-be parents Eugene & Jody Scott (Frederic Forest & Kathleen Lloyd). Davis suspects that their baby will be of the same mutant kind of offspring and offers his help (together with a team of doctors, operating outside the authorities’ knowledge). For what they want to do, is to save the baby in order for it to live, while the authorities want to exterminate this sudden rash of mutant newborns. That in itself is an original spin on things, and one way for this sequel to differentiate itself from the original. Another thing being that there are not one but three monster babies this time. Also, this time the script expands a little further on the human drama, which wasn’t a bad choice of Cohen. The concept of mutant killer babies remains as (un)convincing as it was in the first film. So does the movie’s ecological/pharmaceutical message. It’s just something you’ll have to fly with, as both films play things with a straight face. "It Lives Again" has a slightly higher pace to the events than the original had and about the same production values, making it a worthwhile sequel that’s pretty much on par with the original. At the time young SFX artist Rick Baker returned to create the killer babies (don’t expect his best work here; he was only getting started). So does composer Bernard Herrmann, who delivers a tense musical score just as decent as he did on the first film. So, the outcome is simple: if you’ve enjoyed the first film, go ahead and enjoy this sequel. If, however, the concept of killer mutant babies doesn’t appeal to you, then you shouldn’t bother watching any of these three Larry Cohen films (the third one being "Island of the Alive" from 1987).

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