Infected (2013)

Infected (2013)

Released: 2013
Genre: Action, Genre, Horror
Director: Glenn Ciano
Starring: Christy Carlson Romano, William Forsythe, Michael Madsen, ,
Run time: 95 min
IMDb: 2.8/10
Country: USA
Views: 111706


A blood virus infects a small group of hunters turning a father & son trip into a fight for survival.
User Reviews: Zombie movies are the flavor of the moment and have been for a while now. At least one film featuring some variation of the walking dead is released a week. However, I wouldn’t necessarily call the creatures we see in "Infected" traditional zombies.

The "Infected" people in this never die. They get sick from exposure to Lyme disease by being bit by an animal or person who contracted it or ate something it was in, such as contaminated meat. The individuals who are infected don’t just lumber around aimlessly. They actually resemble rabid animals, talk, and move rapidly.

Although the zombies in "Infected" aren’t typical, the set-up of the movie is. We have a group of people trapped in a cabin in the woods. They must fight off the diseased as they attempt to break into the house and eat every living thing inside. The characters end up having to make the choice to kill off their friends and relatives who are bitten and contaminated.

Veteran actors Michael Madsen and William Forsythe take their roles more serious than they should for an independent horror film like of this caliber. The two of them give "Infected" a touch of class that elevates it above other zombie movies being released. Forsythe does ham it up a little and adds some campiness to the film. Madsen plays serious throughout the entire thing as if he’s targeting an Oscar for his part.

Christy Carlson Romano ("Even Stevens") stars as a woman concerned about her grandmother as she gets sicker from the mysterious illness. She’s the focus of one of the most spectacularly gruesome parts of the film.

"Infected" as a whole isn’t anything we haven’t seen before. Sure, the main cause of the epidemic is unique. That doesn’t change the fact that the gory details and the outcome of the movie remain the same as any other living dead flick. It will no doubt thrill viewers who aren’t used to watching horror movies as well as genre fans looking for the week’s zombie fix.

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