In Her Line of Fire (2006)

In Her Line of Fire (2006)

Released: 2006
Genre: Action, Drama, Genre
Director: Brian Trenchard-Smith
Starring: David Millbern, David Keith, Mariel Hemingway, ,
Run time: 88 min
IMDb: 3.8/10
Country: Germany
Views: 108669


When the Vice President’s plane goes down near a remote Pacific island, he is kidnapped by rebel forces and held for ransom. It is up to his female Secret Service agent and a press secretary to infiltrate the camp and save him.
User Reviews: I was working at my job and watched it one day at work or I may have even taken it home. It has got to me in my bottom 5 movies of all time and I did work in a movie store for more than 12 years. I always rent Mariel’s movies since I used to take tennis lessons alongside her sister Margeaux. It makes me wonder what is going on with her and her agent or whatever. Also, there was this girl-girl thing at toward the end that was pretty ooky. I know, movies can be hard to get right, but it would be better sometimes if they’d apply more quality control. I think I’ve watched worse movies, at least 3 or 4. I have a sense of humor about these kinds of things. If you want to watch a pretty bad movie, go ahead.

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