How to Build a Better Boy (TV Movie 2014)

How to Build a Better Boy (TV Movie 2014)

Released: 2014
Genre: Comedy, Family, Genre
Director: Paul Hoen
Starring: Marshall Williams, Kelli Berglund, China Anne McClain, ,
Run time: 90 min
IMDb: 5.5/10
Country: USA
Views: 66430


Follows high school sophomores Mae Hartley and Gabby Harrison, two tech-savvy best friends who devise a plan to create the perfect boyfriend with just a few strokes of the keyboard and a wireless connection. What Gabby and Mae don’t realize is that the computer they use is set up to generate a robotic super soldier, which they have inadvertently activated in the form of Albert, a macho yet sensitive super cute boy.
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Disney Channel
User Reviews: This is a typical movie for kids. The movie is built on the like-ability of China Anne McClain. If you like CAMc, then you’ll like the movie, and who doesn’t like CAMc.

The movie starts with a conflict between China’s BFF and a character played by Ashley Argota. The "bad girl" character is not something I’d expect see Ashley Argota play; plus, isn’t she like 21 years old now? A little old to be playing a contemporary of China. Anyway, China’s best friend said she had a boyfriend, and Ashley Argota doubted it so China, who plays a computer geek, decides to manufacture a fake online boyfriend.

She hacked into her dad’s computer network to make up what she thought was a fake online boyfriend profile for her friend, but China didn’t know that her dad was a defense contractor in the process of designing a super human robot soldier. China’s hack activated this robot soldier who was programed to be China’s BFF’s boyfriend. It’s a crazy story. And it’s fun.

China thought she was just creating a fake online boyfriend who lives in a far away place, but imagine the surprise they got when the guy actually showed up at school. That’s when the fun really started.

It’s a fun movie. It’s got a lot of laughs. It has a lot of adolescent hi jinx. But if you like China Anne, then you’ll like this movie. And she is great in this movie.

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