Hot Rods to Hell (1967)

Hot Rods to Hell (1967)

Released: 1967
Genre: Action, Drama, Genre, Thriller
Director: John Brahm
Starring: Mimsy Farmer, Jeanne Crain, Dana Andrews, ,
Run time: 92 min
IMDb: 5.3/10
Country: USA
Views: 68171


While on a business trip just before Christmas, Tom Phillips gets into a car accident, which was caused by the reckless driving of the other car involved. Although Tom suffered no paralysis from his back injury, he did come out of the accident with a chronic back problem which results in him not being able to continue with his current work, and a mental block having anything to do with the accident, including Christmas music, driving in general and the sounds of screeching tires and breaking glass. The Phillips – Tom, his wife Peg, and their two children, teenager Tina and pre-teen Jamie – end up moving from their Boston home and buying a motel in Mayville in the California desert. Tom would be physically able to do the work required running a motel, and the dry heat is good for his back. But as they approach Mayville, they encounter a bunch of reckless hot rodders named Duke, Ernie and Gloria. Since Tom scolds them about their reckless behavior, they decide to make the Phillips’ …
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User Reviews: ”Hot Rods To Hell is really a good look at late sixties culture. The acting by onetime stars Dana Andrews and Jeanne Crain, is fine. They are well supported by Mimsy Farmer and Laurie Mock, both of whom would soon be seen in ”Riot On Sunset Strip” that same year. The Sam Katzman production may be low budget, but it still looks decent. the Fred Karger score is suitably dramatic. The songs are…(oh well, you can’t have everything) undoubtedly an oldster’s idea of ”rock and roll” though the authors also wrote material for Elvis! It moves pretty fast, both in the theatrical version which ran 90 minutes, and the 100 minute version first seen on ABC.TCM has the latter print, and shows it occasionally from time to time. Strangely enough, TNT used to run the theatrical one. One critic, in his review stated ”Jeanne Crain is still lovely to look at.” She was, indeed. An enjoyable film.

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