Head Case (2007)

Head Case (2007)

Released: 2007
Genre: Crime, Genre, Horror
Director: Anthony Spadaccini
Starring: Brinke Stevens, Barbara Lessin, Paul McCloskey, ,
Run time: 96 min
IMDb: 4.5/10
Country: USA
Views: 166788


Wayne Montgomery was Delaware’s most prolific serial killer. From 1986-1989, he was responsible for the deaths of countless people, while maintaining a quiet suburban life with his wife Andrea. In 1989, he took an extended hiatus from his work to settle down and help raise a family. In 2006, Wayne decided to come out of retirement to continue his life’s work, with Andrea now joining him in his craft. The grisly details of Wayne and Andrea’s horrific crimes were captured by Wayne’s video camera, a sick, twisted way to relive the experience again and again. Hundreds of hours of shocking footage shot over a period of several months have been edited into a feature length film, with cooperation from the victims’ families. This footage is now being presented as the feature film HEAD CASE. From award-winning filmmaker Anthony Spadaccini.
Written by
Anthony Spadaccini
User Reviews: Wayne Montgomery (A nicely underplayed and not bad performance from Paul McCloskey) is a suburbanite, in insurance and married to his domineering older wife Andrea. (Barbara Lessin) They have two kids, Todd (Bruce De Santis) and Monica (Emily Spiegel).

Wayne however, sometimes gets stressed with life. Some of us listen to Bach, drink a beer or smoke a joint to unwind, when life gets on top of us. Wayne on the other hand likes to kill people. He’s also an avid fan of home movies and recording in general, and is more than happy to document his acts for posterity. Andrea has no problem with this and in fact helps him dispose of the evidence, all the while hen pecking him. And it’s all captured on camera…

Head Case, despite its rather lurid title, is actually a not bad fly-on-the-wall look at murderous psychopathy as a way of life.

Wayne and Andrea bicker regularly in a banal, ordinary manner, and chit chat when they’re not disposing of their victims, and the whole thing comes across as intentionally boring, yet absorbing at the same time.

In terms of content, it’s pretty restrained, probably due to budgetary constraints, and owing more to the likes of Shane Ryan’s Amateur Porn Star Killer series than to Fred Vogel’s August Underground films. (although it’s shot better) However in tone, although purposely banal, it’s extremely mean spirited in parts, with director Anthony Spadaccini getting under your skin with some wince-inducing concepts, and disturbing sound effects, even if it isn’t full on in-yer-face grue.

Overall, I rather liked it and it held my attention for its entirety. Worth checking out for horror fans, but gore hounds will feel shortchanged. 6/10, but a not bad film and worth a watch.

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