Hate Story IV (2018)

Hate Story IV (2018)

Released: 2018
Genre: Crime, Drama, Genre, Thriller
Director: Vishal Pandya
Starring: Manoj Anand, Gulshan Grover, Urvashi Rautela, ,
Run time: 131 min
IMDb: 3.3/10
Country: India
Views: 122206


London based Aryan and Rajveer are son of business tycoon Vikram Khurana.Aryan is handling the family business and is looking out for a new female face for his campaign.He is in love with Rishma whose also looking after his business.Rajveer is a womanizer and professional photographer who approaches Taasha to be the model of their campaign.Taasha soon becomes a star and both brothers fall in love with her.Which leads Aryan to murder Rishma after she finds about his relationship with Taasha.After Aaryan and Taasha dispose Rishma’s body it is reveled that Taasha is not who she claims and has come to revenge against Khurana’s.
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User Reviews: Story:
two brother fall in love with the same girl which is not innocent as she seems and she also have a sinister revenge of hate for both of them.
Story Review:
How many times bollywood try this same story as i like to call it old vine in same old bottle, i think they should be renamed this movie to "Hate" because its doesn’t have story in the whole 2 hours, everyone is just busy in making love in this hate story, i want to find story in this hate story otherwise i found nothing about hate in this story, many scenes are same attempt, both are fight for the same girl, how many times bollywood attempts these things. Vishal pandya should change his taste of direction, he just full focus on bold scenes not story, he should be change the genre of movie which he makes everytime.
so there is nothing new only dumb twist and turns which are just annoying like the characters.
Like Previous movies of vishal pandya there is same direction nothing new in this one.
Urvashi looks beautiful, and in acting terms she is just head shaker in the whole movie, her expressions are the same whole time, even in bold scenes she is doing the same thing again and again which is so annoying,
Vivan is looked the married man who’s just come to show his fat tummy in the whole movie, otherwise he have nothing to do in the movie, just an bearable dialogue delivery.
Karan is the boy who fit the bill with his strongest performances but he is wasted in this movie, after all he looks muscular with his six packs.
Gulshan grover decent performances gives the relief and fits the bill.
Ashiq banaya by himesh is refreshing feel in the whole movie, otherwise all songs is just average but they are ruined by the background score.
Cheesy dialogues and many are so funny, you will hate the dialogues too because its Hate story.
Don’t Go and Watch this "Hate" because i have no "Story"

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