"Greek" Fight the Power (TV Episode 2009)

"Greek" Fight the Power (TV Episode 2009)

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Genre, TV-Show
Director: Michael Lange
Starring: Spencer Grammer, Scott Michael Foster, Clark Duke, ,
Run time: 45 min
IMDb: 8/10
Views: 154093


The Zeta Beta Zeta girls are feeling mutinous over their slipping house ranking. To raise morale, Ashleigh tries to orchestrate a mixer with the Omega Chi house. Evan agrees, but finds that his fraternity brothers are unwilling to go along with the plan after he admits that he has given up his trust fund and is now broke. With the Omega Chi house divided on key issues, Calvin and Grant find themselves on opposing sides, especially after Grant renounces on his agreeing to come out to the fraternity about his sexuality and relationship with Calvin. Elsewhere, as Rusty’s admiration for Alana grows, Cappie discovers that Lana is not the woman he wants. Rusty mistakes Cappie’s distance for fear rather than disinterest and tries to reconcile the couple. Finally, Ashleigh resorts to bribery to get other houses to agree to the mixer that she feels will repair the ZBZ house social status, with lead to disastrous results.
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