Grandma’s House (2016)

Grandma’s House (2016)

Released: 2016
Genre: Drama, Genre
Director: Paul D. Hannah
Starring: Paige Hurd, Coco Jones, Loretta Devine, ,
Run time: 95 min
IMDb: 6.4/10
Country: USA
Views: 81388


A teenager and her siblings are forced to move in with their Grandma because their parents are going through some hard times. They come to learn the true meaning of love, faith, and family from Grandma, through not only the strict rules she imposes, but also the strength and devotion she displays as the extended family has its ups and downs.
User Reviews: Utterly disgusting that this is rated PG. Do not watch this with your kids. It probably has a good ending of them overcoming and repenting of their mistakes, but because of what their mistakes were and what you see and is implied in this movie, it should at least be rated PG-13. I’m a teenager, and I stopped watching it.


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