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Franklyn (2008) 6.2

Franklyn (2008)

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Storyline:Preest is a masked vigilante detective, searching for his nemesis on the streets of Meanwhile City, a monolithic fantasy metropolis ruthlessly governed by faith and religious fervor. Esser is a broken man, s...

P-51 Dragon Fighter (2014) 2.8

P-51 Dragon Fighter (2014)

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Storyline:As World War Two rages on, the allies are about to push the Nazis out of North Africa. That's when the Nazis turn up the heat, unleashing their secret Weapon: DRAGONS!!! The allies quickly lose ground to the...

The Anomaly (2014) 4.8

The Anomaly (2014)

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Storyline:Set in the future, the film is about the development of new cutting-edge bioweapon. Traumatized ex-soldier Ryan Reeve wakes up in the back of a moving van next to a young boy who has been kidnapped, he attem...

The Sorcerers (1967) 6.4

The Sorcerers (1967)

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Storyline:The great hypnotist Professor Montserrat has developed a technique for controlling the minds, and sharing the sensations, of his subjects. He and his wife Estelle test the technique on Mike Roscoe, and enjoy...

The Dead Zone (1983) 7.2

The Dead Zone (1983)

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Storyline:Johnny Smith wakes from a coma due to a car accident, only to find he has lost five years of his life, and yet gained psychic powers. Foreseeing the future appears to be a 'gift' at first, but ends up causin...

13 Eerie (2013) 4.5

13 Eerie (2013)

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Storyline:Six forensic undergrads embark on a scientific expedition to a remote island that was once used as illegal biological testing grounds for life-term prisoners.User Reviews: I'm always looking forward to seein...

The Hunters (TV Movie 2013) 5.1

The Hunters (TV Movie 2013)

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Storyline:A family of archeologists hunt down artifacts from fairy tales that have been hidden around the globe.User Reviews: Other reviews say "Indiana Jones meets the librarian"... and frankly that's an in...

The Day the Earth Caught Fire (1961) 7.2

The Day the Earth Caught Fire (1961)

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Storyline:Hysterical panic has engulfed the world after the United States and the Soviet Union simultaneously detonate nuclear devices causing a change to the nutation (axis of rotation) of the Earth. ...

Shock Waves (1977) 5.7

Shock Waves (1977)

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Storyline:This horror movie concerns a shipwrecked yachting party. Rose and her fellow yacht-mates, including the captain run aground on an island when they hit an odd-looking freighter. Once beached, they meet up wit...

The Thirteenth Floor (1999) 7

The Thirteenth Floor (1999)

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Storyline:Computer scientist Hannon Fuller has discovered something extremely important. He's about to tell the discovery to his colleague, Douglas Hall, but knowing someone is after him, the old man leaves a letter i...

Without Warning (1980) 5.1

Without Warning (1980)

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Storyline:Sandy and Greg are two teenage kids going camping with their friends in California. Their plan is to go to the lake in town, and despite warnings from the creepy town gas station owner, Joe Taylor, the kids ...

Predestination (2014) 7.5

Predestination (2014)

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Storyline:PREDESTINATION chronicles the life of a Temporal Agent sent on an intricate series of time-travel journeys designed to ensure the continuation of his law enforcement career for all eternity. Now, on his fina...

Monkey Shines (1988) 6.2

Monkey Shines (1988)

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Storyline:When Allan becomes a quadriplegic he loses all hope for living until he meets Ella - a monkey trained to fetch and carry for him around the house, obeying him in all things. But Ella is part of another exper...

Trancers (1984) 6.1

Trancers (1984)

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Storyline:Jack Deth is a kind of cop/bounty hunter in the bleak Los Angeles of the future. He's become obssessed with chasing Whistler -- an evil criminal who uses powerful hypnotic powers to transform people into zom...

Curse of the Faceless Man (1958) 4.9

Curse of the Faceless Man (1958)

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Storyline:In the excavation of Pompeii, a stone-encrusted body is found with a bronze medallion bearing a strange Etruscan inscription. Carlo Fiorillo, Italian archaeologist, speculates the robust body may hold some l...

Darkman (1990) 6.4

Darkman (1990)

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Storyline:Peyton Westlake is a scientist who has discovered a way to produce synthetic skin. This could revolutionise skin grafting, except for one minor glitch; the synthetic skin degrades after 100 minutes of exposu...

Ejecta (2014) 3.8

Ejecta (2014)

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Storyline:EJECTA is the story of two men who witness an unexplainable event in the atmosphere on the eve of a historic solar storm and must survive a terrifying life form that's hunting them. An anonymous group will s...

Zodiac: Signs of the Apocalypse (TV Movie 2014) 3.3

Zodiac: Signs of the Apocalypse (TV Movie 2014)

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Storyline:Archaeology Professor Neil Martin hasn't done field work in fifteen years, ever since his divorce and needing to take care of his son, Colin. Now twenty, Colin convinces his father to accept an assignment of...

The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes (1969) 6.1

The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes (1969)

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Storyline:Some college students manage to persuade the town's big businessman, A. J. Arno, to donate a computer to their college. When the problem- student, Dexter Riley, tries to fix the computer, he gets an electric...

Sick: Survive the Night (2012) 2.9

Sick: Survive the Night (2012)

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Storyline:Two years after the infection began, billions have died, Governments have collapsed and the human race is on the brink of extinction. Dr. Leigh Rozetta is a young, maverick scientist, who's been living in a ...

Trancers II (1991) 5.5

Trancers II (1991)

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Storyline:It is Los Angeles, 1991. Jack Deth has become accustomed to life with his new wife, Lena, in the six years since they singed Whistler. Hap Ashby, a former pitcher for the California Angels, had gotten his li...

The Mark: Redemption (2013) 4

The Mark: Redemption (2013)

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Storyline:Moments after parachuting from Flight 777, former Marine Chad Turner (Craig Scheffer) and flight attendant Dao (Sonia Couling) find themselves descending into a world of madness. The Tribulation has begun. P...

Banshee Chapter (2013) 5.5

Banshee Chapter (2013)

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Storyline:BANSHEE CHAPTER follows investigative journalist, ANNA, researching a missing friend who ingested an undocumented research chemical once tested on civilians by CIA MK-Ultra experiments. The labyrinthine trai...

Supernova (2000) 4.8

Supernova (2000)

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Storyline:Supernova chronicles the search and rescue patrol of a medical ship in deep space in the early 22nd century and its six-member crew which includes a captain and pilot, a co-pilot, a medical officer, a medica...