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Being AP (2015) 6.3

Being AP (2015)

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Storyline:'Being AP' premiered at Toronto Film Festival 2015, and documents one of Northern Ireland's greatest ever sportsmen during his last racing season. The story of AP's final season is a fascinating mix of sacri...

The Shortcut (2009) 5.1

The Shortcut (2009)

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Storyline:High school senior Derek was adjusting to life in a new town when he discovered an overgrown path leading into the woods. According to his classmates, the local kids used to use it as a shortcut before a mal...

Ruben Guthrie (2015) 5.8

Ruben Guthrie (2015)

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Storyline:Life is good for ad man Ruben Guthrie - he leads a party boy lifestyle, has a model fiancée and lives in a house on the water. He's at the top of his game, until some drunken skylarking lands Ruben at the bo...

Love & Air Sex (2013) 5.2

Love & Air Sex (2013)

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Storyline:When brokenhearted Stan flies to Austin for the weekend in hopes of "accidentally" running into his ex-girlfriend Cathy, he arrives to find their best friends Jeff and Kara in the middle of their own vicious...

Night of the Wild (TV Movie 2015) 3.1

Night of the Wild (TV Movie 2015)

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Storyline:In a seemingly quiet town a mysterious meteor shower produces a sinister green meteorite that seems to have a dangerous effect on the dogs that who once were the kind well-behaved dogs we once knew turn into...

The Purple Heart (1944) 6.8

The Purple Heart (1944)

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Storyline:This is the story of the crew of a downed bomber, captured after a run over Tokyo, early in the war. Relates the hardships the men endure while in captivity, and their final humiliation: being tried and conv...

Jerusalem (2013) 7.3

Jerusalem (2013)

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Storyline:Filmed in 3D for IMAX and Giant Screen cinemas, JERUSALEM is an immersive experience about one of the world's most beloved cities. Discover why this tiny piece of land is sacred to billions of people and how...

The Brave (1997) 6.4

The Brave (1997)

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Storyline:An unemployed alcoholic Native American Indian lives on a trailer park with his wife and two children. Convinced that he has nothing to offer this world, he agrees to be tortured to death by a gang of rednec...

Stag Hunt (2015) 3.4

Stag Hunt (2015)

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Storyline:When four friends embark on a reckless Stag Weekend across the vast and uninhabited plains of Dartmoor, they are unaware that the local legend of a monstrous wild beast thought to roam the moors is terrifyin...

Good Luck Charlie, It’s Christmas! (TV Movie 2011) 6.5

Good Luck Charlie, It’s Christmas! (TV Movie 2011)

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Storyline:Teddy Duncan's middle-class family embarks on a plane flight from their Denver home to visit Mrs. Duncan's parents, the Blankenhoopers, in Palm Springs - all except daughter Teddy and mother Amy, for whom a ...

Absolutely Anything (2015) 6

Absolutely Anything (2015)

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Storyline:Some aliens, who travel from planet to planet to see what kind of species inhabit them, come to Earth. And if humans are, according to their standards, decent, they are welcomed to be their friend. And if no...

The Witch Who Came from the Sea (1976) 5.6

The Witch Who Came from the Sea (1976)

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Storyline:In California, Molly is a deranged woman that babysits her nephews while her sister works hard sewing clothes for her clients. Molly works as waitress in a restaurant in the night shift and is the lover of t...

Aladdin and the King of Thieves (Video 1996) 6.4

Aladdin and the King of Thieves (Video 1996)

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Storyline:At long last, Aladdin is about to marry the Princess Jasmine. Despite the presence and encouragement of his friends Genie, Carpet, and Abu, he is fearful and anxious. He is most worried as to what kind of fa...

Mr Calzaghe (2015) 8

Mr Calzaghe (2015)

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Storyline:The story of the rise to glory of boxer Joe Calzaghe.User Reviews: I got the Blu-ray for Christmas.If you are a fan of boxing or Calzaghe you should watch this. No debate about that. Boxing is not the same a...

The Little Prince (2015) 7.7

The Little Prince (2015)

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Storyline:From Mark Osborne comes the first-ever animated feature film adaptation of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's iconic masterpiece, The Little Prince. At the heart of it all is The Little Girl, who's being prepared by...

Heavy Traffic (1973) 6.7

Heavy Traffic (1973)

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Storyline:An animated feature which begins, ends and occasionally combines with, live-action filmed on location. A white dropout struggles to create comics and animated films, drawing inspiration from the harsh, gritt...

Jaco (2015) 7.6

Jaco (2015)

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Storyline:'JACO' tells the story of Jaco Pastorius, a self-taught, larger-than-life musician who changed the course of modern music. Never-before-seen archive unveils the story of Jaco's life, his music, his demise, a...

Ben Collins Stunt Driver (2015) 4.7

Ben Collins Stunt Driver (2015)

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Storyline:Ben Collins sets out on a mission to find the perfect stunt car for an epic, high octane car chase.User Reviews: This movie is more like a paid promotion by lot many car manufacturers, the movie offers nothi...

War Room (2015) 6.4

War Room (2015)

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Storyline:Filled with heart, humor, and wit, WAR ROOM follows Tony and Elizabeth Jordan, a couple who seemingly have it all-great jobs, a beautiful daughter, their dream home. But appearances can be deceiving. In real...

Europe ’51 (1952) 7.6

Europe ’51 (1952)

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Storyline:Irene Girard is an ambassador's wife and used to living in luxury. After the dramatic death of her son, she feels guilty of having neglected him and feels compelled to help people in need who cross her path....

Fletch Lives (1989) 6.1

Fletch Lives (1989)

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Storyline:Ailing Los Angeles newspaper reporter Irvin "Fletch" Fletcher, in debt, inherits from a aunt "Bell Isle", a sprawling 80-acre Louisiana plantation estate, quits his job and moves east expecting to live like ...

Pan (2015) 5.8

Pan (2015)

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Storyline:An orphan boy (Levi Miller) discovers his destiny as Peter Pan in this vividly realized fantasy, and is whisked away to an enchanted land to battle the fearsome pirate Blackbeard (Hugh Jackman) with the help...

The Perfect Guy (2015) 5.6

The Perfect Guy (2015)

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Storyline:After a painful breakup, successful lobbyist Leah Vaughn (Sanaa Lathan) jumps into a passionate relationship with a charming stranger (Michael Ealy). When her ex-boyfriend (Morris Chestnut) resurfaces in her...

All Things Must Pass: The Rise and Fall of Tower Records (2015) 7.3

All Things Must Pass: The Rise and Fall of Tower Records (2015)

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Storyline:Established in 1960, Tower Records was once a retail powerhouse with two hundred stores, in thirty countries, on five continents. From humble beginnings in a small-town drugstore, Tower Records eventually be...