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The Devil’s Own (1997) 6.1

The Devil’s Own (1997)

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Storyline:Frankie McGuire, one of the IRA's deadliest assassins, draws an American family into the crossfire of terrorism. But when he is sent to the U.S. to buy weapons, Frankie is housed with the family of Tom O'Mea...

The Earthling (1980) 6.7

The Earthling (1980)

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Storyline:Recently diagnosed with a terminal illness, a man returns home to Australia to die in the wildness. His plans become complicated when he meets a young man and decides to take him under his wing.User Reviews:

The Shaggy D.A. (1976) 5.6

The Shaggy D.A. (1976)

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Storyline:Wilby Daniels, a successful lawyer running for District Attorney, suddenly finds himself being transformed into an English sheepdog. Somehow he has to keep his change a secret and find just what is causing i...

The Marine 4: Moving Target (2015) 6.2

The Marine 4: Moving Target (2015)

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Storyline:WWE Superstar Mike User Reviews:

A Conspiracy of Faith (2016) 7.1

A Conspiracy of Faith (2016)

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Storyline:Denmark, 2016. A blurred note is found in a bottle that has traveled across the ocean for a long time. After deciphering the cryptic note, Department Q members follow a sinister trail that leads them to inve...

Purity Falls (2019) 6.0

Purity Falls (2019)

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Storyline:After the tragic death of her husband, a mother moves her teenage son and daughter to the idyllic town of Purity Falls only to find the rift with her son deepen when he becomes entrapped in the neighborhood ...

Jihad: A Story Of The Others (2015) 7.7

Jihad: A Story Of The Others (2015)

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Storyline:An unflinching but sensitive and personal examination of jihadism and radicalisation, its causes and its possible solutions.User Reviews:

More Than Honey (2012) 7.3

More Than Honey (2012)

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Storyline:With dazzling nature photography, Academy Award®–nominated director Markus Imhoof (The Boat Is Full) takes a global examination of endangered honeybees — spanning California, Switzerland, China and Australia...

The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada (2005) 7.1

The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada (2005)

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Storyline:When brash Texas border officer Mike Norton wrongfully kills and buries the friend and ranch hand of Pete Perkins, the latter is reminded of a promise he made to bury his friend, Melquiades Estrada, in his M...

Sons of Liberty (2013) 4.2

Sons of Liberty (2013)

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Storyline:A special operations unit races to find and prevent the construction of a devastating micro nuclear device created by a group of radical mercenaries whose political beliefs blur the line between terrorist an...

Saved by Grace (2016) 3.3

Saved by Grace (2016)

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Storyline:A retired police officer, despondent over the loss of his family, contemplates a dramatic decision which will change his life forever, until he meets a mysterious woman who, through her personal stories, giv...

Clemency (2019) 7.4

Clemency (2019)

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Storyline:Years of carrying out death row executions have taken a toll on prison warden Bernadine Williams. As she prepares to execute another inmate, Bernadine must confront the psychological and emotional demons her...

Foxtrot Six (2019) 5.6

Foxtrot Six (2019)

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Storyline:Escalating climate change is turning the world economy upside down. With crops dying and food price spiking, FOOD has replaced oil as the world's most valuable commodity. Among the very few lands still left...

Patema Inverted (2013) 7.5

Patema Inverted (2013)

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Storyline:In an underground world where tunnels extend everywhere, even though they live in dark and confined spaces, people wear protective clothes and lead quiet and enjoyable lives. Patema, a princess in her underg...

Mojin: The Lost Legend (2015) 5.9

Mojin: The Lost Legend (2015)

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Storyline:At the beginning of the 1990s, famous tomb explorer Hu Bayi decided to retire and move to the United States with his girlfriend Shirley. But before his wedding, Bayi discovers his first love Ding Shitian, wh...

Pokémon: Mewtwo Strikes Back – Evolution (2019) 6.7

Pokémon: Mewtwo Strikes Back – Evolution (2019)

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Storyline:After a scientific experiment leads to the creation of Mewtwo, he sets out to destroy the world. Satoshi and his friends then decide to thwart Mewtwo's evil plans.User Reviews:

The Bird People in China (1998) 7.2

The Bird People in China (1998)

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Storyline:Wada (Masahiro Motoki), a salary man, is enlisted to venture off to China to investigate a potential Jade mine. After his arrival, Wada encounters a violent, yet sentimental, yakuza (Renji Ishibashi), who ta...

Brahms: The Boy II (2020) 5.2

Brahms: The Boy II (2020)

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Storyline:After a family moves into the Heelshire Mansion, their young son soon makes friends with a life-like doll called Brahms.User Reviews: > The boy part 2 is the worst sequel that has ever been made to a movie?

Swallow (2020) 6.7

Swallow (2020)

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Storyline:Hunter, a newly pregnant housewife, finds herself increasingly compelled to consume dangerous objects. As her husband and his family tighten their control over her life, she must confront the dark secret beh...

Cops and Robbers (1979) 7.2

Cops and Robbers (1979)

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Storyline:Cops and Robbers depicts a city where ordinary citizens hold little trust for the police; far removed from the post-ICAC Hong Kong of today.User Reviews:

Snow Buddies (2008) 5.5

Snow Buddies (2008)

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Storyline:Dylan Sprouse, Jim Belushi and Kris Kristofferson lend their voices to this family-friendly tale about a feisty pack of golden retriever puppies that embarks on an Alaskan adventure. When they find themselve...

Guns Akimbo (2020) 6.5

Guns Akimbo (2020)

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Storyline:An ordinary guy suddenly finds himself forced to fight a gladiator-like battle for a dark website that streams the violence for viewers. Miles must fight heavily armed Nix and also save his kidnapped ex-girl...

Two Bits (1995) 5.8

Two Bits (1995)

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Storyline:It's a hot summer day in 1933 in South Philly, where 12-year old Gennaro lives with his widowed mom and his ailing grandpa, who sits outside holding tight to his last quarter, which he's promised to Gennaro ...

Street Dancer 3D (2020) 9.3

Street Dancer 3D (2020)

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Storyline:Two rival dance groups from India and Pakistan who are always competing against each other, join forces when it comes to competing at an international dance competition.User Reviews: