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Summer Villa (2016) 6.6

Summer Villa (2016)

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Storyline:Although a successful romance novelist, Terry Russell hasn't had luck in her own love life. After a disastrous first date with cocky, hot-shot New York chef Matthew Everston, she retreats to her friend's Fre...

Extremity (2018) 5.0

Extremity (2018)

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Storyline:A young woman with a severely troubled past signs up for an extreme haunt called Perdition. She believes that putting herself through Perdition's nightmarish trials will help her exorcise her internal trauma...

Auld Lang Syne (2016) 4.5

Auld Lang Syne (2016)

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Storyline:On New Year's Eve, married couple and theatre artists Steven and Vanessa, host an annual get-together at their parents' cabin for their oldest friends, struggling actress Sadie and her new surfer/rock star b...

Moonlight in Vermont (2017) 6.2

Moonlight in Vermont (2017)

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Storyline:After fast-paced New York City high-end real estate broker Fiona Rangely (Lacey Chabert) gets dumped by her boyfriend, she escapes to her family’s quaint Vermont Inn for a few days to slow down and evaluate ...

The Sky Is Pink (2019) 7.6

The Sky Is Pink (2019)

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Storyline:The 25-year-old love story of a couple is told through the lens of their spunky teenage daughter who is diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis.User Reviews:

Malady (2015) 0.0

Malady (2015)

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Storyline:To fulfill the last wish of her deceased mother, grieving Holly seeks out love and finds it in Matthew; their relationship swiftly becomes very close and all-encompassing. After receiving the news of Matthew...

Waru (2017) 6.7

Waru (2017)

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Storyline:Eight Māori female directors have each contributed a sequence to this powerful and challenging feature which unfolds around the tangi of a small boy who died at the hands of his caregiver.User Reviews:

Full Out (2015) 7.4

Full Out (2015)

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Storyline:Based on the true life story of California gymnast Ariana Berlin. As she zoned in on her Olympic goals, 14 year old Ariana Berlin's life took a sharp turn when she was involved in a debilitating car accident...

The Business of Amateurs (2016) 8.0

The Business of Amateurs (2016)

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Storyline:The NCAA is the face for college athletics, and it generates billions of dollars every year for the top universities in the United States. This is the first documentary that challenges the NCAA from the pers...

Writers Retreat (2015) 4.5

Writers Retreat (2015)

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Storyline:At a writers' retreat on an isolated island, novelist Zandra joins a group of strangers confronting their darkest secrets. But when a member of the party mysteriously disappears, they realize there's somethi...

Monos (2019) 7.4

Monos (2019)

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Storyline:On a faraway mountaintop, eight kids with guns watch over a hostage and a conscripted milk cow.User Reviews: Perhaps the best way to describe the film is to keep it simple: ‘Monos’ is a mood, an aesthetic, a...

Best Friend from Heaven (2017) 3.0

Best Friend from Heaven (2017)

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Storyline:When a tragic accident takes the life of her dog, Tara is forced to cancel her wedding. With a little help from above, their small town rallies together to make sure these two are able to have the wedding o...

Our Nixon (2013) 6.6

Our Nixon (2013)

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Storyline:Never before seen Super 8 home movies filmed by Richard Nixon's closest aides - and convicted Watergate conspirators - offer a surprising and intimate new look into his Presidency.User Reviews:

Parade of the Dead (2010) 1.0

Parade of the Dead (2010)

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Storyline:In 2010 a virus spread throughout the world's population turning the survivors Into mindless zombies. Around the same time of these Apocalyptic events the Hilltop Hoods were due to make a dvd for their Album...

Phantom Cowboys (2018) 6.0

Phantom Cowboys (2018)

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Storyline:Part time capsule, part folk song, Phantom Cowboys follows three teenage boys as they approach adulthood in vastly different parts of the United States. Moving fluidly between the deserts of California, the ...

Hayride 2 (2015) 3.8

Hayride 2 (2015)

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Storyline:The end of one journey only marks the beginning of another as Detective Loomis returns to uncover the truth behind the Legend of Pitchfork.User Reviews:

In Society (1944) 6.9

In Society (1944)

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Storyline:Two bumbling plumbers are hired by a socialite to fix a leak. A case of mistaken identity gets the pair an invitation to a fancy party and an entree into high society. As expected, things don't go too smooth...

A Narrow Escape (1994) 2.3

A Narrow Escape (1994)

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Storyline:During the shut down and destruction of the Japanese test camp Squadron 731 in Manchuria, a soldier becomes infected with a virus developed during the camp's testing and risks spreading it into Japan on the ...

The Dirty Kind (2019) 0.0

The Dirty Kind (2019)

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Storyline:Raymond, a young P.I. specializing in divorce, gets too ambitious and takes on a case that involves more than just snapping pictures of cheating couples. While searching for the estranged daughter of a clien...

Treehouse (2014) 3.8

Treehouse (2014)

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Storyline:A teenage boy discovers the perpetrators of several brutal kidnappings in his home town.User Reviews: Pain!rnrnJust how do these awful films keep getting made? It's something that tends to happen a lot in th...

In Defense of Food (2015) 8.0

In Defense of Food (2015)

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Storyline:In Defense of Food tackles a question more and more people around the world have been asking: What should I eat to be healthy? Based on award-winning journalist Michael Pollan's best-selling book, the progra...

Here Come the Co-eds (1945) 6.4

Here Come the Co-eds (1945)

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Storyline:Molly (Martha O'Driscoll), her brother, Slats (Abbott), and his pal, Oliver (Costello), are taxi dancers at the Miramar Ballroom. As a publicity stunt, Slats plants an article about Molly claiming her ambiti...

The Great New Wonderful (2005) 4.9

The Great New Wonderful (2005)

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Storyline:The Great New Wonderful weaves five stories against the backdrop of an anxious and uncertain post-9-11 New York City.User Reviews:

The Halfway House (1944) 5.7

The Halfway House (1944)

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Storyline:A group of travellers, each with a personal problem that they want to hide, arrive at a mysterious Welsh country inn. There is a certain strangeness in the air as they are greeted by the innkeeper and his da...