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Taxiwala (2018) 6.1

Taxiwala (2018)

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Storyline:A job monger, Shiva who ends up as a taxiwala only to realise his ride is a beyond what anyone can expect.User Reviews:

Gremlins (1984) 7.1

Gremlins (1984)

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Storyline:When Billy Peltzer is given a strange but adorable pet named Gizmo for Christmas, he inadvertently breaks the three important rules of caring for a Mogwai, and unleashes a horde of mischievous gremlins on a ...

Lake Placid: The Final Chapter (2012) 4.5

Lake Placid: The Final Chapter (2012)

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Storyline:Follows Jim Bickerman, a poacher who discovers that his local lake is inhabited by man-eating crocodiles.User Reviews: Has a sequel with

Hounds of Love (2016) 6.1

Hounds of Love (2016)

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Storyline:When Vicki Maloney is randomly abducted from a suburban street by a disturbed couple, she soon observes the dynamic between her captors and quickly realises she must drive a wedge between them if she is to s...

The Amityville Curse (1990) 3.1

The Amityville Curse (1990)

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Storyline:Five people spend the night in an abandoned house, the Amityville haunted house, and soon find themselves terrorized by assorted ghosts, venomous insects and ghostly apparitions.User Reviews:

Blood, Sweat And Terrors (2018) 5.0

Blood, Sweat And Terrors (2018)

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Storyline:Anthology film consisting of 9 shorts featuring blood, action and horror.User Reviews: I think giving my normal sort of review for _Blood, Sweat and Terrors_ would be me just repeating what I've said on lite...

Secrets of a Psychopath (2015) 3.8

Secrets of a Psychopath (2015)

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Storyline:Two siblings lure unsuspecting victims to their house through a dating site for games and slaughter.User Reviews:

Diamonds of Kilimandjaro (1983) 2.6

Diamonds of Kilimandjaro (1983)

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Storyline:A group of adventurers head to a primitive tribe in Africa to find a treasure of diamonds and a beautiful white girl who was lost years ago and was made the tribe's goddess.User Reviews:

(2019) 0.0


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Storyline:Eve's husband has been killed in Afghanistan. She takes her young son to a Suffolk beach house on the edge of the North Sea to grieve. But someone else is in the house grieving her loss from another war.User...

The Investigation: A Haunting in Sherwood (2019) 0.0

The Investigation: A Haunting in Sherwood (2019)

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Storyline:Private Investigator Gareth Morris went missing in 2018 whilst investigating noises coming from a house in Sherwood. He hacked into the home's security system and recorded everything. A chilling found footag...

Return of the Scarecrow (2018) 0.0

Return of the Scarecrow (2018)

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Storyline:An evil scarecrow slumbers until its evil cannot be retained.User Reviews:

Furie (2019) 9.0

Furie (2019)

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Storyline:Paul Diallo, a history teacher, lives a quiet life with his wife and kid. During summertime, he lends his house to his son’s babysitter and her boyfriend. When they return, the Diallo family finds a closed d...

Shuttle (2008) 5.6

Shuttle (2008)

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Storyline:When two friends return from a girls weekend vacation in Mexico, they find themselves stranded at the airport. Trying to get home safely, they board an airport shuttle for the short trip. But once their feet...

Outcast (2010) 5.7

Outcast (2010)

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Storyline:When Mary and her teenage son, Fergal, move to yet another new home, it soon becomes clear they live their lives on the run, hiding from someone or something, terrified of being found. Their hunter, Cathal, ...

Camera Trap (2015) 4.1

Camera Trap (2015)

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Storyline:A wildlife film crew pursue local sightings of a rare wildcat in Central Asia using high-tech camera equipment.User Reviews:

Secrets of the Summer House (2008) 3.5

Secrets of the Summer House (2008)

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Storyline:Hosting a new exhibit, artist Nikki Wickersham, (Lindsay Price) and her husband George Wickersham, (David Jones) are called out to Maine to sort through his father's belongings after he dies. Arriving there ...

Snakehead Swamp (2014) 3.3

Snakehead Swamp (2014)

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Storyline:A horrifying hybrid of genetic science and nature has taken over the Louisiana bayou, leaving terror in its wake! In the heat of the summer, what began as an day of boating and bikinis changes drastically wh...

Something Beneath (2007) 3.8

Something Beneath (2007)

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Storyline:When a mysterious black slime oozes up from the plumbing to infiltrate a new conference center, it causes attendees at an environmental convention who come in contact with it to have horrific hallucinations ...

The Child Remains (2017) 5.3

The Child Remains (2017)

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Storyline:An expectant couple's intimate weekend turns to terror as they discover their secluded country inn is a haunted maternity home where infants and mothers were murdered.User Reviews:

Gnomercy (2019) 0.0

Gnomercy (2019)

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Storyline:A late summer trip to the cottage turns into a bloodbath when a group of friends are stalked by an unlikely killer.User Reviews:

Ghost Team (2016) 4.4

Ghost Team (2016)

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Storyline:A paranormal-obsessed man mounts his own investigation into the beyond with his depressed best friend, misfit nephew, a cable access medium and an overeager security guard.User Reviews:

Villains (2019) 7.0

Villains (2019)

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Storyline:When their car breaks down, a couple on the run headed southbound for a fresh start in the Sunshine State break into a nearby house looking for a new set of wheels. What they find instead is a dark secret, a...

Spookies (1986) 3.9

Spookies (1986)

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Storyline:Taking a wrong turn, travelers find themselves trapped in a mysterious house. One horror after another threatens them as the sorcerer who lives within needs sacrifices to give eternal life to his beautiful b...

Tammy and the T-Rex (1994) 3.7

Tammy and the T-Rex (1994)

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Storyline:An evil scientist implants the brain of Michael, a murdered high school student, in an animatronic Tyrannosaurus. He escapes, wreaks vengeance on his high school tormentors and is reunited with his sweethear...