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Liberation (2019) 0.0

Liberation (2019)

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Storyline:Based on real life events, the film is set in January 1949 and focuses around a group of soldiers involved in the final stages of the Battle of PingjinUser Reviews:

Eastern Bandits (2012) 0.0

Eastern Bandits (2012)

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Storyline:Movie is set during a period of time when Japanese invaded China. The story is told from Gao's perspective, a soldier seeking revenge from the Japanese in trying to assassinate the visiting Japanese chief in...

Molly: An American Girl on the Home Front (2006) 5.9

Molly: An American Girl on the Home Front (2006)

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Storyline:Molly is a girl living in the year 1944 and WWII has brought many changes to Molly's life. An English girl comes to live with Molly's family to escape the bombings. They slowly become good friends.User Revie...

Who Owns Water (2014) 0.0

Who Owns Water (2014)

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Storyline:There's a lot at stake on a few big, slow, brown rivers in the Deep South. The Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint River Basin (ACF) is becoming the canary-in-the-coal mine for a looming East Coast water crisis...

Nixon (1995) 7.0

Nixon (1995)

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Storyline:An all-star cast powers this epic look at American President Richard M. Nixon, a man carrying the fate of the world on his shoulders while battling the self-destructive demands from within. Spanning his trou...

Manifest Destiny: The Lewis & Clark Musical Adventure (2016) 0.0

Manifest Destiny: The Lewis & Clark Musical Adventure (2016)

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Storyline:With exaggerated, eye-popping style, this tall tale of Lewis and Clark becomes a romping spoof of American ego. Follow the explorers out on the trail as they discover that destiny may be anything but manifes...

Another Day of Life (2018) 8.1

Another Day of Life (2018)

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Storyline:In 1975, Ryszard Kapuściński, a veteran Polish journalist, embarked on a seemingly suicidal road trip into the heart of the Angola's civil war. There, he witnessed once again the dirty reality of war and dis...

One Nation, One King (2018) 5.4

One Nation, One King (2018)

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Storyline:Un peuple et son roi crosses the destinies of the men and women of the population, and those of historical figures. Their meeting place is the newly founded National Assembly. At the heart of the story lie t...

Shake Hands With the Devil (2007) 6.8

Shake Hands With the Devil (2007)

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Storyline:Canadian Lt. General Romeo Dallaire was the military commander of the UN mission in Rwanda and this movie is personal and, all too true, story of his time there during the genocide of 1994. It is not quite a...

The Lennon Report (2016) 6.6

The Lennon Report (2016)

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Storyline:The events on the night John Lennon was killed, seen through the eyes of those who lived it. The great men and women of NYC who did all they could to save a life, some without even knowing it was John Lennon...

Elcano & Magellan: The First Voyage Around the World (2019) 4.7

Elcano & Magellan: The First Voyage Around the World (2019)

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Storyline:The first journey around the world began under the command of Ferdinand Magellan and was concluded by Juan Sebastián Elcano. Five boats left Seville on September 20, 1519. Storms, famine, tribes… Three years...

Mamangam (2019) 7.7

Mamangam (2019)

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Storyline:Based on the medieval fair called Mamankam, which was celebrated every 12 years between 800 AD and 1755 AD, the story of the film is supposedly about a brave warrior (played by Megastar Mammootty) of Malabar...

Heroic Losers (2019) 8.0

Heroic Losers (2019)

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Storyline:In a town in the Northwest of the province of Buenos Aires, a group of neighbors is organized to recover the economy of the area, but when the Corralito is implemented in the country and they suffer a fraud,...

Ike: Countdown to D-Day (2005) 6.5

Ike: Countdown to D-Day (2005)

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Storyline:The story of the senior-level preparations for the D-Day invasion on June 6, 1944 from the time of Dwight D. Eisenhower's appointment as the Supreme Allied Commander in Europe, to the establishment of the be...

While at War (2019) 7.5

While at War (2019)

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Storyline:Salamanca, Spain, 1936. In the early days of the military rebellion that began the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939), writer Miguel de Unamuno supports the uprising in the hope that the prevailing political chao...

Wild Nights with Emily (2019) 5.5

Wild Nights with Emily (2019)

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Storyline:Explore Emily Dickinson's vivacious, irreverent side that was covered up for years — most notably her lifelong romantic relationship with another woman.User Reviews:

The Legions (2019) 6.0

The Legions (2019)

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Storyline:In the years prior to World War I, militiamen attached to Poland's nationalist movement fight for their country's independence from Czarist Russia's rule.User Reviews:

Redbad (2018) 5.7

Redbad (2018)

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Storyline:In the year of 754 AD, during a time of epic battles and bloodshed, the legend of the pagan warrior king, Rebad, is born, but so is a new weapon against his people: Christianity. Redbad must ultimately unite...

Ip Man 4: The Finale (2019) 5.9

Ip Man 4: The Finale (2019)

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Storyline:Following the death of his wife, Ip Man travels to San Francisco to ease tensions between the local kung fu masters and his star student, Bruce Lee, while searching for a better future for his son.User Revie...

Panipat (2019) 8.3

Panipat (2019)

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Storyline:During 18th century India, the Marathas emerged as the most powerful empire in the nation until the Afghan King Ahmad Shah Abdali plans to take over India. Sadashiv Rao Bhau is brought in to save the empire ...

Queen Marie of Romania (2019) 9.3

Queen Marie of Romania (2019)

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Storyline:Devastated by the First World War and plunged into political controversy, Romania's every hope accompanies its Queen on her mission to Paris, to lobby for its great unification's international recognition at...

Full Out (2015) 7.4

Full Out (2015)

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Storyline:Based on the true life story of California gymnast Ariana Berlin. As she zoned in on her Olympic goals, 14 year old Ariana Berlin's life took a sharp turn when she was involved in a debilitating car accident...

A Tuba To Cuba (2019) 8.0

A Tuba To Cuba (2019)

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Storyline:A son seeking to fulfill his late father’s dream takes his band from the storied city of New Orleans to the shores of Cuba, where — through the universal language of music — dark and ancient connections betw...

The Great War (2020) 3.0

The Great War (2020)

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Storyline:In November of 1918 as World War I was ending, a unit of American soldiers goes behind enemy lines to find a lost platoon of African American soldiers.User Reviews: