Category: Drama

The Browning Version (1951) 8.2

The Browning Version (1951)

Storyline:Andrew Crocker-Harris, a classics teacher at an English school, is afflicted with a heart ailment and an unfaithful wife. His interest in his pupils wanes as he looks towards his final days in employment. ...

Cooped Up (2016) 6.6

Cooped Up (2016)

Storyline:After coming into contact with a potentially fatal virus, a bitter professional wrestler is forced to isolate himself in his childhood home for 21 days.User Reviews: The writing was intelligent, witty and re...

Psycho Yoga Instructor (TV Movie 2020) 4.4

Psycho Yoga Instructor (TV Movie 2020)

Storyline:A woman tries to save her marriage and her life when a sociopathic yoga instructor becomes obsessed with her.User Reviews: This movie has a surprising title and baited us to tune it and so we watched. Both t...

Rough Treatment (1978) 7.3

Rough Treatment (1978)

Storyline:A famous Polish journalist presents a problem for the powers-that-be when he displays his full political skill and knowledge on a television show featuring questions and answers on a world conference by a pa...

Cisco Pike (1971) 6.5

Cisco Pike (1971)

Storyline:Cisco is an ex-rock star, famous in the 1960s, whose life and career has been a mess because of drugs. Now with a pregnant girlfriend he has a chance to start a new life. A corrupt cop, Leo Holland, blackmai...

The Europeans (1979) 6.2

The Europeans (1979)

Storyline:It's the mid-nineteenth century. Adult siblings Felix Young and Eugenia Munster were born and raised in Europe and have a somewhat bohemian lifestyle reflective of their travels throughout Europe. Felix, who...

Tape (2020) 5.1

Tape (2020)

Storyline:Based on true events and set in New York City, TAPE is the story of an aspiring actress (Isabelle Fuhrman) who crosses paths with the darker side of the entertainment industry.User Reviews:

A Thousand Miles Behind (2019)

Storyline:A man struggling with grief sets off across California on a solo motorcycle trip.User Reviews:

Turner Risk (2019) 8.6

Turner Risk (2019)

Storyline:Turner Risk, a longtime victim of bullying, decides one day to clear out all the negatives and effectively reboot his world. As his deadly plan becomes clear, his only friend, Robbie Cruz, jobless and strugg...

Here Awhile (2019) 7.7

Here Awhile (2019)

Storyline:Terminally ill Anna returns to Oregon to reconnect with her estranged brother while simultaneously making the heart-wrenching choice to end her life putting to use the Death with Dignity Act.User Reviews: Gr...

Burden (2018) 6.2

Burden (2018)

Storyline:When a museum celebrating the Ku Klux Klan opens in a small South Carolina town, the idealistic Reverend Kennedy resolves to do everything in his power to prevent racial tensions from boiling over. But the m...

Sitting in Limbo (TV Movie 2020)

Storyline:Anthony Bryan and his personal struggle to be accepted as a British Citizen during the Windrush immigration scandal.User Reviews:

Adrift in Soho (2019) 6.9

Adrift in Soho (2019)

Storyline:Everyone knows now about the Sixties revolution but it was in London's Soho district in 1950s that the seeds of the Sixties were sown. Where it all began. It was the blast furnace that made it happen. Someti...

The Red Pony (1949) 6.3

The Red Pony (1949)

Storyline:In the coast range mountains on the western edge of the Salinas Valley is a ranch where Tom, a lad of about ten, longs for a pony. He lives with his mom, who was born there, her dad, a talkative pioneer who ...

White Fire (1984) 4.5

White Fire (1984)

Storyline:When Bo was a child, a mysterious stranger sadistically murdered his parents. Only Bo and his sister, Ingrid survived the bloodshed. Now, twenty years later... Bo and his sister are grown up. They are now em...

North Shore (1987) 6.5

North Shore (1987)

Storyline:Before entering art school, Rick Kane sets out to surf the big wave season on the north shore of Oahu, Hawaii, after winning a surfing contest in an Arizona wave pool by his home. Once in Hawaii, he immediat...

Plymouth Adventure (1952) 6.3

Plymouth Adventure (1952)

Storyline:The story of the voyage of the "Mayflower" in its historic voyage across the Atlantic to the New World. The passenger list includes John Alden and Priscilla Mullins among those who made the 96-day storm-fill...

The Making of the Mahatma (1996) 6.9

The Making of the Mahatma (1996)

Storyline:One of two feuding Mohammedan cousins living in Britain but of Indian origin seek the assistance of an Indian Barrister to travel to Britain and settle their matter in a court of law. The Barrister travels t...

The Cool and the Crazy (1958) 5.3

The Cool and the Crazy (1958)

Storyline:High school thug is front man for a local marijuana ring.User Reviews: First off the movie is very dated and fairly stupid('58) but that didn't stop me from watching it.The Star Scott Marlow (Bennie) is off ...

The Mutants (1998) 7

The Mutants (1998)

Storyline:Three homeless teenage rejects struggle to survive together. Of them, Andreia is pregnant, while Pedro and Ricardo hustle, steal and are exploited by a pornographer.User Reviews: Kids. Kids rejected. Kids wh...

Ten Years (2015) 6.7

Ten Years (2015)

Storyline:Five thought-provoking shorts imagine what Hong Kong will be like ten years from now. In Extras, two genial low-level gangsters are hired to stage an attack, but they're mere sacrificial lambs in a political...

Kleine Germanen – Eine Kindheit in der rechten Szene (2019) 6

Kleine Germanen – Eine Kindheit in der rechten Szene (2019)

Storyline:Our children grow up in a world ruled by extremes: the fight for freedom and democracy on one side and the call for national isolation on the other side. LITTLE GERMANS combines animation and documentary fil...

Wild Mouse (2017) 6.8

Wild Mouse (2017)

Storyline:When Georg loses his job, he conceals the fact from his younger wife Johanna, who wants a child with him. Instead, he embarks upon a campaign of revenge against his former boss and begins to renovate a rolle...

The Female Animal (1958) 6.1

The Female Animal (1958)

Storyline:Jaded movie star Vanessa Windsor, saved from a studio accident by handsome extra Chris Farley, pursues him, and soon he's the 'caretaker' of her beach house. Vanessa's sexy, alcoholic adult daughter Penny ac...