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Alcoholist (2017) 5.7

Alcoholist (2017)

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Storyline:An alcoholic spends all his time spying on his neighbor, waiting for the right moment to kill him.User Reviews:

Diary of a Mad Housewife (1970) 6.3

Diary of a Mad Housewife (1970)

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Storyline:Tina Balser is a bored New York housewife-mother married to Jonathan, a pompous, social-climbing lawyer who ridicules her in front of their children, criticizing everything she does or wears. She begins an a...

Hero of the Underworld (2016) 7.0

Hero of the Underworld (2016)

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Storyline:Dylan Berrick is the polished and skillful Overnight Manager of the Century Grand, one of the most classy and upscale hotels in the city. After a shocking night, when a woman named Holly is nearly beaten to ...

Fado (2016) 6.3

Fado (2016)

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Storyline:The mysteriously familiar face of a deceased young woman shakes young surgeon Fabian out of his lethargy. On a whim, he leaves Berlin for Portugal, determined to win back his former girlfriend Doro, who work...

Just Charlie (2019) 7.9

Just Charlie (2019)

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Storyline:Football star Charlie has the world at her feet. With a top club desperate to sign her, her future is seemingly mapped out. But the teenager sees only a nightmare. Raised as a boy, Charlie is torn between wa...

I’m Dreaming of a White Doomsday (2017) 5.0

I’m Dreaming of a White Doomsday (2017)

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Storyline:A mother and her 8 year old son struggle to survive in a bomb shelter after an unnamed apocalypse.User Reviews:

So Pretty (2019) 3.0

So Pretty (2019)

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Storyline:Four young queers in New York City struggle to maintain their proto-utopian community against the outside world as their lives curiously merge with the 1980s German novel User Reviews:

Drop Squad (1994) 2.7

Drop Squad (1994)

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Storyline:Controversial film about an underground organization that kidnaps and 'deprograms' African Americans who sell out or deny their cultural heritage. Spike Lee is the Executive Producer.User Reviews:

Welcome to Paradise (1994) 0.0

Welcome to Paradise (1994)

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Storyline:Three women go to a beach that they visited 20 years earlier.User Reviews:

The Hotel Room (2015) 10.0

The Hotel Room (2015)

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Storyline:The failed documentary film maker Lukas Schmidt interviews the successful writer Agnes Lehner in a hotel room. As a past acquaintance between them is revealed, different accounts of a traumatic event are mix...

The Double Life of Eleanor Kendall (2008) 5.5

The Double Life of Eleanor Kendall (2008)

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Storyline:Nellie, née Bouchard, is divorced by wealthy Jack Givens because after a miscarriage even in vitro fails to overcome her infertility. She finds herself destitute as her own account were plundered by someone ...

The Five Star Stories (1989) 5.4

The Five Star Stories (1989)

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Storyline:User Reviews:

Low Fidelity (2011) 4.6

Low Fidelity (2011)

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Storyline:A dramedy about relationships and fidelity, or the lack thereof. A group of old high school friends, now in their late thirties, get together for the weekend to celebrate the 4th of July, for better or for w...

System Crasher (2019) 8.4

System Crasher (2019)

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Storyline:On her wild quest for love, 9-year-old Benni's untamed energy drives everyone around her to despair.User Reviews:

The Chocolate War (1988) 5.9

The Chocolate War (1988)

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Storyline:A surreal portrait of a Catholic Private School and its hierarchy. A new student must submit to the bizarre rituals of his peers and the expectations of the school's administration by selling chocolates.User...

Paper Mask (1990) 6.1

Paper Mask (1990)

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Storyline:A lowly hospital orderly impersonates a recently deceased doctor and goes to work in the busy ER of a small hospital where he meets and befriends a nurse who slowly figures out his secret and helps him maint...

Tai-Chi Master (1993) 7.1

Tai-Chi Master (1993)

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Storyline:Falsely accused for cheating in a martial arts competition, two boyhood friends are banished from their Shaolin Temple and go their separate ways. As adults, they join opposing sides in a civil war. When one...

100% Kaadhal (2019) 0.0

100% Kaadhal (2019)

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Storyline:Balu and Mahalakshmi fall for each other but separate due to ego problems. Years later, when their grandmother falls ill, they are forced to confront each other resulting in chaos for both their families.Use...

Guilty at 17 (2014) 5.1

Guilty at 17 (2014)

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Storyline:A teenager becomes overwhelmed with guilt after her lies to support a friend's claim of sexual assault lead to the accused teacher's suicide.User Reviews:

A Murderous Affair: The Carolyn Warmus Story (1992) 5.0

A Murderous Affair: The Carolyn Warmus Story (1992)

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Storyline:A married man meets a beautiful woman and they begin an affair.User Reviews:

Wobble Palace (2018) 6.5

Wobble Palace (2018)

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Storyline:A couple on the verge of a nervous break-up decide to split their home over the weekend and test the waters of independence.User Reviews:

Sea Change (2017) 5.7

Sea Change (2017)

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Storyline:A teenage girl makes a startling discovery about her connection to the Seawalkers, legendary beings who are half-human, half-sea creature.User Reviews:

Why I Wore Lipstick to My Mastectomy (2006) 6.2

Why I Wore Lipstick to My Mastectomy (2006)

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Storyline:Shortly after graduating from Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism, Geralyn Lucas lands her dream job working for 20/20. Lucas is then diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 27 and has a d...

King of Hearts (2019) 7.4

King of Hearts (2019)

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Storyline:The story of Kari Tapio, who sang his way into the hearts of the Finns in the 70's and who's popularity lasted until his death in 2010.User Reviews: