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Boomtown (2017) 0.0

Boomtown (2017)

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Storyline:A young father and husband looks towards the oil fields for a better life for him and his family. But will the fast money and glamour detour his agenda?User Reviews:

Black Money (2019) 7.0

Black Money (2019)

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Storyline:Prosecutor Yang Min-hyeok, who is known for being headstrong, ends up in a complicated situation because of a suspect who commits suicide. He faces the true nature of a huge financial scandal while investiga...

My Ain Folk (1973) 6.3

My Ain Folk (1973)

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Storyline:When Jamie's maternal grandmother dies, he and his brother Tommy are separated - Tommy is taken off to a welfare home and Jamie goes to live with his other grandmother and uncle. His life is far from happy, ...

Scrooge (1951) 7.5

Scrooge (1951)

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Storyline:Ebeneezer Scrooge (Alastair Sim) contentedly meanders through his life as a cruel miser until one fateful Christmas Eve when he is visited by three ghosts. The spirits show him how his behavior over the year...

Tubelight (2017) 5.6

Tubelight (2017)

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Storyline:Laxman Singh Bisht is nicknamed tube light by his neighbours because he is feeble-minded. Despite being special, Laxman lives by one life-lesson; keep your faith alive and you can do almost anything, even st...

The Challenger (2015) 5.9

The Challenger (2015)

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Storyline:A legendary trainer comes out of retirement to help an underdog boxer fight his way to a better life.User Reviews:

40 Nights (2016) 0.0

40 Nights (2016)

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Storyline:Examines the pre-ministry life of Jesus starting with his baptism with John the Baptist. From there Jesus embarks on his self- exploration journey into the wilderness for 40 nights. He is tempted by the Devi...

Lucy in the Sky (2019) 5.6

Lucy in the Sky (2019)

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Storyline:Astronaut Lucy Cola returns to Earth after a transcendent experience during a mission to space and begins to lose touch with reality in a world that now seems too small.User Reviews:

The Silent Storm (2014) 6.0

The Silent Storm (2014)

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Storyline:An enigmatic outsider living on a remote Scottish island finds herself caught between her minister husband and the delinquent who is sent to live with them.User Reviews:

Miss Julie (2014) 5.7

Miss Julie (2014)

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Storyline:Over the course of a midsummer night in Fermanagh in 1890, an unsettled daughter of the Anglo-Irish aristocracy encourages her father's valet to seduce her.User Reviews:

Beeba Boys (2015) 4.5

Beeba Boys (2015)

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Storyline:Gang leader Jeet Johar and his young, loyal, and often-brutal crew dress like peacocks, love attention, and openly compete with an old style Indo crime syndicate to take over the Vancouver drug and arms scen...

Land of Mine (2015) 7.8

Land of Mine (2015)

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Storyline:In the days following the surrender of Germany in May 1945, a group of young German prisoners of war is handed over to the Danish authorities and subsequently sent to the West Coast, where they are ordered t...

The Hanoi Hilton (1987) 6.5

The Hanoi Hilton (1987)

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Storyline:Lionel Chetwynd's film documents the horrific struggles that faced American POWs held in the North Vietnamese prison Hoa Lo -- more infamously known as the Hanoi Hilton -- between 1964 and 1975. Williamson (...

Crash Pad (2017) 6.0

Crash Pad (2017)

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Storyline:A hopeless romantic who thinks he's found true love with an older woman, only to learn that she's married and that his fling is merely an instrument of revenge against her neglectful husband.User Reviews:

Beauty and the Dogs (2017) 7.1

Beauty and the Dogs (2017)

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Storyline:When Mariam, a young Tunisian woman, is raped by police officers after leaving a party, she is propelled into a harrowing night in which she must fight for her rights even though justice lies on the side of ...

Belladonna of Sadness (1973) 7.6

Belladonna of Sadness (1973)

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Storyline:A peasant woman is banished from her village and makes a deal with the devil to gain magical powers.User Reviews:

Ikigami: The Ultimate Limit (2008) 7.1

Ikigami: The Ultimate Limit (2008)

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Storyline:In an attempt to spur citizens into taking more productive roles in society, the Japanese government issues death messages, or User Reviews:

Thanks for Sharing (2013) 5.8

Thanks for Sharing (2013)

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Storyline:A romantic comedy that brings together three disparate characters who are learning to face a challenging and often confusing world as they struggle together against a common demon—sex addiction.User Reviews:

Hounds of Love (2016) 6.1

Hounds of Love (2016)

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Storyline:When Vicki Maloney is randomly abducted from a suburban street by a disturbed couple, she soon observes the dynamic between her captors and quickly realises she must drive a wedge between them if she is to s...

The Commitments (1991) 7.3

The Commitments (1991)

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Storyline:Jimmy Rabbitte, just a tick out of school, gets a brilliant idea: to put a soul band together in Barrytown, his slum home in north Dublin. First he needs musicians and singers: things slowly start to click w...

Breakfast with Scot (2007) 6.1

Breakfast with Scot (2007)

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Storyline:Eric and Sam have been in a committed relationship for four years. Eric's a former hockey player turned sportscaster and Sam's a sport's lawyer. But when Sam's adventure seeking brother Billy, takes a job in...

Cooking With Stella (2010) 4.3

Cooking With Stella (2010)

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Storyline:A woman cooks for clients and tries to keep her thefts of food and money from being discovered.User Reviews:

Sequoia (2014) 6.3

Sequoia (2014)

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Storyline:A young man meets a 23-year-old cancer patient on the way to the park and disrupts her plan to commit suicide.User Reviews:

Honeytrap (2015) 5.7

Honeytrap (2015)

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Storyline:Layla, a 15-year-old living in Brixton, London, becomes involved with a gang and must set up a boy to be killed.User Reviews: