Category: Documentary

American Valhalla (2017) 7.9

American Valhalla (2017)

Storyline:The film takes you on a journey from the conception of this musical partnership and the first demos recorded in Californian desert by - what became - the Post Pop Depression band that included Dean Fertita (...

It Started As a Joke (2019) 0.0

It Started As a Joke (2019)

Storyline:This documentary chronicles the decade-long run of the Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival including a final farewell show. The film celebrates Eugene’s unique brand of humor and his role in the alternative comedy...

That’s It, That’s All (2008) 6.6

That’s It, That’s All (2008)

Storyline:Dedicated to everything snowboarding, Travis Rice and a dream team crew set out on a seek-and-destroy operation for the new zone, the new trick and the new perspective on the sport. Aspiring to bring you clo...

IMAX Mummies Secrets Of The Pharaohs (2007) 7.5

IMAX Mummies Secrets Of The Pharaohs (2007)

Storyline:The grail is not the gold, nor the books of ancient wisdom, but the 3,000 year old DNA of the mummies, which may lead to a cure for malaria.User Reviews:

David Blaine: The Magic Way (2020) 6.5

David Blaine: The Magic Way (2020)

Storyline:Magician David Blaine performs reality-defying magical acts; featured celebrities include Odell Beckham Jr., Emily Blunt, John Krasinski, Tom Brady, Gisele Bündchen, Dave Chappelle, James Corden, Bryan Crans...

Sharkwater (2006) 7.9

Sharkwater (2006)

Storyline:Driven by passion fed from a life-long fascination with sharks, Stewart Stewart debunks historical stereotypes and media depictions of sharks as bloodthirsty, man-eating monsters and reveals the reality of s...

Morning Light (2008) 0.0

Morning Light (2008)

Storyline:Fifteen young sailors... six months of intense training... one chance at the brass ring. This documentary tells the story of a group of intrepid and determined young men and women, on the cusp of adulthood, ...

A Fat Wreck (2016) 7.0

A Fat Wreck (2016)

Storyline:Fat Wreck Chords... The influential music label proud to say they've spent the past 25 years User Reviews:

Alien Moon (2019) 0.0

Alien Moon (2019)

Storyline:Our enigmatic moon may have a sinister origin that mankind is not prepared for. From astronaut UFO encounters, to flashing lights, to geometric anomalies on the surface that appear to be structures, it's pos...

Brave are the Fallen (2020) 0.0

Brave are the Fallen (2020)

Storyline:Captain Thomas Wall was a firefighter and a hero. This heartfelt and inspiring documentary chronicles Tom's life, and his untimely death while battling an inferno.User Reviews:

Group B – Riding Balls of Fire (2016) 8.0

Group B – Riding Balls of Fire (2016)

Storyline:Thirty years after the end of Group B rallying, film-maker Helmut Deimel has launched his latest film on rallying’s wildest era. For “Riding Balls of Fire”, the Austrian legend behind the hugely popular “Ev...

Church of the Dead (2019) 0.0

Church of the Dead (2019)

Storyline:Care to join us for a visit to the most haunted churches in the whole of England? These doomed souls lust for the night when they can bring to fruition their true darkness. Paranormal expert, Christopher Hal...

Don’t Call Me Bigfoot (2020) 0.0

Don’t Call Me Bigfoot (2020)

Storyline:There are tales all around the world of big, hairy, bipedal, ape-like creatures that dwell in the wilderness and leave footprints. But whatever you do, don't call them Bigfoot. From the Patterson - Gimlin fi...

NWA & Eazy-E: The Kings of Compton (2016) 7.6

NWA & Eazy-E: The Kings of Compton (2016)

Storyline:Documentary looking back at the West Coast group who invented gangster rap. The original lineup of N.W.A consisted of Dr Dre, Ice Cube and Eazy-E, all of whom went on to be successful in their own right. The...

Programming The Nation? (2011) 6.3

Programming The Nation? (2011)

Storyline:Programming the Nation? takes an encompassing look at the history of subliminal messaging in America. According to many authorities, since the late 1950s subliminal content has been tested and delivered thro...

Pray the Devil Back to Hell (2008) 6.8

Pray the Devil Back to Hell (2008)

Storyline:Pray the Devil Back to Hell chronicles the remarkable story of the Liberian women who came together to end a bloody civil war and bring peace to their shattered country.User Reviews:

The Long Island Railroad Massacre: 20 Years Later (2013) 0.0

The Long Island Railroad Massacre: 20 Years Later (2013)

Storyline:On December 7, 1993, twenty-five people were shot on a commuter train headed from New York City to Long Island. Six people were killed, nineteen people were injured, many more were affected and continue to b...

HEART: Flatline to Finish Line (2016) 0.0

HEART: Flatline to Finish Line (2016)

Storyline:This is the raw and emotional journey of six individuals from hospital beds to the finish line of one of the world’s most grueling endurance events, the IRONMAN triathlon.User Reviews:

Zoo Quest in Colour (2016) 10.0

Zoo Quest in Colour (2016)

Storyline:Thanks to a recent remarkable discovery in the BBC's Film Vaults, the best of David Attenborough's early Zoo Quest adventures can now be seen as never before - in colour - and with it the remarkable story of...

When a City Falls (2011) 0.5

When a City Falls (2011)

Storyline:2010 on the Canterbury Plains and all is well. Lambs, blue skies and daffodils. In Cathedral Square choir boys sing to their God. Punts push new season's tourists along the Avon. They photograph the 'Garden ...

Tattoo Nation (2013) 6.6

Tattoo Nation (2013)

Storyline:A documentary that follows three pioneers -- Charlie Cartwright, Jack Rudy and Freddy Negrete -- revolutionized the world of tattooing.User Reviews:

Ultrasuede: In Search of Halston (2011) 2.0

Ultrasuede: In Search of Halston (2011)

Storyline:A glowing, prismatic portrait of the rise and fall of America's first celebrity designer—Halston—the man who was synonymous with fashion in the 1970s, and became the emperor of NYC nightlife. Interviews with...

The Uncomfortable Truth (2018) 0.0

The Uncomfortable Truth (2018)

Storyline:When the award-winning filmmaker of User Reviews:

Africa: The Serengeti (1994) 5.8

Africa: The Serengeti (1994)

Storyline:Africa the Serengeti takes you on an extraordinary journey to view a spectacle few humans have ever witnessed: The Great Migration. Journey with more than two million wildebeests, zebras and antelopes as in ...