Category: Documentary

Australian Dream (2019) 7.3

Australian Dream (2019)

Storyline:Adam Goodes became an inspiring figure in Australian Rules football. Raised by his single Aboriginal mother, he found a sense of belonging and connection in sport. In 2013, at the top of his game, he was the...

The Boy Band Con: The Lou Pearlman Story (2019) 7.2

The Boy Band Con: The Lou Pearlman Story (2019)

Storyline:The Boy Band Con: The Lou Pearlman Story is a documentary feature that tells the story of famed boy band impresario Lou Pearlman. The film tracks his life from his childhood in Queens, through discovering me...

Drew: The Man Behind the Poster (2013) 7.5

Drew: The Man Behind the Poster (2013)

Storyline:A documentary on legendary movie-poster artist Drew Struzan.User Reviews: Movie poster artist Drew Struzan has created many of the most iconic movie posters of the last few decades, and "Drew: The Man B...

Scream, Queen! My Nightmare on Elm Street (2019) 7.6

Scream, Queen! My Nightmare on Elm Street (2019)

Storyline:Examines the infamous homoerotic subtext and the special place the film holds in the Nightmare franchise as well as the gay film canon. Partly in thanks to evolving social mores, Nightmare on Elm Street 2 - ...

Rich Piana Chronicles (2018) 7.4

Rich Piana Chronicles (2018)

Storyline:Rich Piana is a man known for having a personality as big as his massive physique. A bodybuilder who gained massive fame as a controversial YouTube personality, Rich Piana sadly passed away in 2017 due to he...

VIPCO The Untold Story (2018) 6.5

VIPCO The Untold Story (2018)

Storyline:A documentary looking at the story of the much loved UK film on distributor VIPCO told by the rarely seen founder Michael Lee.User Reviews:

Freedom Summer (2014) 7.6

Freedom Summer (2014)

Storyline:A look back at the summer of 1964, when more than 700 student activists took segregated Mississippi by storm, registering voters, creating freedom schools and establishing the Mississippi Freedom Democratic ...

50 Years of Star Trek (TV Movie 2016) 7

50 Years of Star Trek (TV Movie 2016)

Storyline:The cast, crew, creators and critics discuss the impact of Star Trek from its creation by Gene Roddenberry to the present into today and the future. Showing clips from the original unaired pilot featuring Je...

Stonewall Uprising (2010) 7.2

Stonewall Uprising (2010)

Storyline:The role of the June, 1969 Stonewall Riots - so named for the Greenwich Village gay hotel and bar, the Stonewall Inn, in front of which the riots occurred - in gay liberation and the foundation of gay rights...

Waltz with Bashir (2008) 8

Waltz with Bashir (2008)

Storyline:One night at a bar, an old friend tells director Ari about a recurring nightmare in which he is chased by 26 vicious dogs. Every night, the same number of beasts. The two men conclude that there's a connecti...

Loving Vincent: The Impossible Dream (TV Movie 2019) 8.4

Loving Vincent: The Impossible Dream (TV Movie 2019)

Storyline:A 60 minute documentary detailing the journey it took two passionate filmmakers to achieve their impossible dream, creating the world's first fully painted feature film.User Reviews:

42 Grams (2017) 7.1

42 Grams (2017)

Storyline:42 Grams is an intimate portrait of how chef Jake Bickelhaupt evolved from running an illegal restaurant out of his home to being a culinary celebrity in less than a year and the toll it takes on his persona...

Imagine: John Lennon (1988) 7.9

Imagine: John Lennon (1988)

Storyline:This "biography" evolves around the nearly 240 hours of film and videotape fortuitously taken by Lennon of his life. The archive footage is transformed into a fascinating life story of one of the most comple...

Restoring the Light (2011) 8.6

Restoring the Light (2011)

Storyline:China's rapid economic development has left behind vast rural areas still fighting for basic survival needs. A local doctor's personal quest to bring transformative healthcare to the remote villages of north...

The Institute (2013) 6.2

The Institute (2013)

Storyline:Feature-length documentary that examines a San Francisco-based Alternate Reality Game, where thousands of participants got more than they bargained for. Told from the players' perspectives, the film looks ov...

Tales of the Rat Fink (2006) 6.7

Tales of the Rat Fink (2006)

Storyline:The life and times of famed hot rod & custom car designer Ed "Big Daddy" Roth.User Reviews: As a member of Rat Finks of America, I have a very high standard for all that is Fink, and Ron Mann's "Tal...

Ukulele (2016) 4.1

Ukulele (2016)

Storyline:A documentary following 4 lads and 1 ukulele along the GR20, 14 days crossing Corsica's rugged heart on Europe's toughest trail.User Reviews:

The Painted Warrior (2019) 8

The Painted Warrior (2019)

Storyline:This unique husband and wife duo effect art in motion as they blend the worlds of artistry and athleticism. With the use of paint, photography and written word, The Painted Warrior is brought to life to wage...

Big Wata (2018) 5.7

Big Wata (2018)

Storyline:The younger inhabitants of a fishing village in Sierra Leone have discovered surfing as their raison d'ĂȘtre. Wanting to break free from the restrictions of a traditional West African community a suspended su...

Mediastan (2013) 7.8

Mediastan (2013)

Storyline:The bleak, mountainous terrain and quiet, lonely roads set the tone for this compelling venture into the heart of 'the Stans'. The first stop is Asia Plus, a newspaper in Tajikistan. "If we were to talk too ...

Ocean Driven (2015) 6.4

Ocean Driven (2015)

Storyline:Making a big wave dream come true. Ocean Driven is a true and gripping story that chronicles the development of South African big wave surfer Chris Bertish. His single minded pursuit of his dreams and refusa...

Minds in the Water (2011) 7.6

Minds in the Water (2011)

Storyline:5 years in the making, Minds In The Water is the story of one surfer's international journey to help protect dolphins, whales and their ocean environment. Shot on location in Australia, the Galapagos, Chile ...

Into the Sea (2016) 6.8

Into the Sea (2016)

Storyline:The documentary shows how three young women - Irish pro surfer Easkey, Iranian pro snowboarder Mona and Iranian diver Shalha are introducing a new sport in Iran: SURF. Through the eyes of these three main ch...

Jens Pulver: Driven (2011) 6.8

Jens Pulver: Driven (2011)

Storyline:Jens Pulver: DRIVEN is an intimate feature documentary film about legendary mixed martial arts champion, Jens Pulver, who rose from a childhood laced with violence and substance abuse, to become one of the m...