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"Code 404" Episode #1.3 (TV Episode 2020) 7.8

"Code 404" Episode #1.3 (TV Episode 2020)

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Storyline:Major and Carver have a new assignment, but a suspicious Major prefers to stake out Kelly's office.User Reviews:

"Code 404" Episode #1.6 (TV Episode 2020) 8.4

"Code 404" Episode #1.6 (TV Episode 2020)

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Storyline:With Major's AI finally living up to the hype, Carver and Kelly come clean about their relationship.User Reviews:

"Code 404" Episode #1.4 (TV Episode 2020) 8

"Code 404" Episode #1.4 (TV Episode 2020)

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Storyline:The pressure is on in the latest assignment and failure could mean shutdown for Major once and for all.User Reviews:

"Code 404" Episode #1.2 (TV Episode 2020) 7.3

"Code 404" Episode #1.2 (TV Episode 2020)

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Storyline:Major screws up and Carver wonders whether to turn him in. When he learns what the consequences would be, he decides to cover for him.User Reviews:

Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown (1988) 7.6

Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown (1988)

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Storyline:Pepa's lover, Iván, leaves her and she tries to contact him to find out why he's left. In her search for Iván, she confronts his wife and son, who are as clueless as she is. Meanwhile, Candela, her friend, i...

Dilruk Jayasinha: Bundle of Joy (2020) 4.5

Dilruk Jayasinha: Bundle of Joy (2020)

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Storyline:Sri Lankan-born Dilruk Jayasinha is one of the most in-demand headliners on the Australian scene. Dilruk has a reputation for consistently nailing his shows with his positive, upbeat brand of stand-up.User R...

Tommy Little: Self-Diagnosed Genius (2020) 6.2

Tommy Little: Self-Diagnosed Genius (2020)

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Storyline:Idiot or genius? For many the jury has been out on Tommy Little, but he's here to set the record straight. Tommy has refined the art of how not to live - see how truly entertaining that can be in a raucous h...

Judith Lucy Vs Men (2020) 5.8

Judith Lucy Vs Men (2020)

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Storyline:Judith Lucy is single again and 51 She recently reflected on her entire history with men and concluded that maybe it was time to shut up shop. 'Whatever it is that I'm selling, a lot of straight guys simply ...

Tom Walker: Very Very (2020) 5.8

Tom Walker: Very Very (2020)

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Storyline:A love letter to mime (and to a coat) written by award-winning idiot Tom Walker, who keeps talking during what he insists is a mime show.User Reviews: Tom Walker is like a living cartoon. He presents the wor...

"Brassic" Episode #2.1 (TV Episode 2020) 8.5

"Brassic" Episode #2.1 (TV Episode 2020)

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Storyline:Vinnie has been hiding out in his shed since faking his own death. But the gang need his help and try to lure him out of hiding with a new business proposition. Tommo has a chance to buy The Rat and Cutter, ...

On a Magical Night (2019) 6.2

On a Magical Night (2019)

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Storyline:After 20 years of marriage, Maria decides to leave. She moves to the room 212 of the hotel opposite her marital home. From there, Maria can scrutinize her apartment, her husband, her wedding. She wonders if ...

Ossan’s Love: Love or Dead (2019) 6.1

Ossan’s Love: Love or Dead (2019)

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Storyline:The story takes place after the TV drama series Ossan's Love (2018). It's been a year since Haruta and Maki pledged their undying love. Haruta has now come back and receives a warm welcome from familiar face...

Think Like a Dog (2020)

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Storyline:A 12-year-old tech prodigy's science experiment goes awry and he forges a telepathic connection with his best friend, his dog. The duo join forces and use their unique perspectives on life to comically overc...

Doordarshan (2020) 6.6

Doordarshan (2020)

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Storyline:When the family's grandmother wakes up, the parents who have been bickering over their suicide are compelled to revive their marriage and keep the peace at home.User Reviews:

Celine and Julie Go Boating (1974) 7.5

Celine and Julie Go Boating (1974)

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Storyline:A mysteriously linked pair of young women find their daily lives preempted by a strange boudoir melodrama that plays itself out in a hallucinatory parallel reality. Written by David Watson &l...

Me and You and Everyone We Know (2005) 7.3

Me and You and Everyone We Know (2005)

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Storyline:'Me and You and Everyone We Know' is a poetic and penetrating observation of how people struggle to connect with one another in an isolating and contemporary world. Christine Jesperson is a lonely artist and...

The Accidental Husband (2008) 5.6

The Accidental Husband (2008)

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Storyline:Emma Lloyd has made a career out of her sensible, mature and responsible approach to relationships. She has a hit radio talk show, an impending book deal, and a loving relationship with her fiancé, Richard, ...

Pettersson und Findus 2 – Das schönste Weihnachten überhaupt (2016) 5.5

Pettersson und Findus 2 – Das schönste Weihnachten überhaupt (2016)

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Storyline:Pettson promised Findus they would have the best christmas ever this year, but then everything goes wrong. Findus is afraid that Christmas is going to be cancelled at all. So he tries to get help on his own....

Mastizaade (2016) 2.4

Mastizaade (2016)

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Storyline:Two womanizing bachelors fall in love with twin sisters who run a sex addiction clinic.User Reviews: It's only January and we already have two sex comedies that are not worth even a single dime.Sunny (Kapoor...

House of Wolves (2016) 4.9

House of Wolves (2016)

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Storyline:Set in old rural district, Charlie pretends to be an ALS patient so he can gain sympathy from others. He runs a charity organisation where he secretly carries out all sorts of nasty business. The village chi...

Chotto mate Yakyûbu! (2018)

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Storyline:The baseball team at Kenritsu Jingen High School is an average team as a new semester begins. Hiroki Ohori, Kohei Akimoto, and Natsuki Miyata are members of the baseball team. One day, Hiroki fails a test an...

Kapoor & Sons (2016) 7.7

Kapoor & Sons (2016)

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Storyline:A story revolving around a dysfunctional family of 2 brothers who visit their family and discover that their parents marriage is on the verge of collapse,the family is undergoing a financial crunch and much ...

The Legend (1993) 7.2

The Legend (1993)

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Storyline:This Hong Kong martial-arts extravaganza tells of evil emperors and true love. The secret Red Lotus Flower Society is committed to the overthrow of the evil Manchu Emperor and his minions. One of his Governo...

The Back-up Bride (2011) 3.8

The Back-up Bride (2011)

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Storyline:On Christmas weekend in a quaint Texas hotel, JOE BINGHAM, runs into the love of his life, AMY WALKER, the one that got away, she's visiting home for the holiday. The kick is, it's on the eve of Joe's white-...