Ga joi Heung Gong (1983)

Ga joi Heung Gong (1983)

Released: 1983
Genre: Drama, Genre
Director: Hoi Lam Ging
Starring: Yi Hsu, Carroll Gordon, Hai-Ling Chu, ,
Run time: 98 min
IMDb: 6.6/10
Country: Hong Kong
Views: 116353


Alan Wong (Andy Lau) is a Hong Kong youth who is bent to climb up the social ladder. With the help of a foreign businessman’s mistress and mixed ethnicity woman Erica (Carroll Gordon), he joins a real estate company and he knows how to grasp on to opportunities and gets into high position. Later he meets Cheung Ting Ting (Chu Hoi Ling), a Mainland Chinese girl who illegally came to Hong Kong and sees her pities her and also falls in love in her. When real estate falls into low tide, many foreign businessmen leaves Hong Kong while Alan and Erica refuses to immigrate overseas. Out of jealousy, Erica informs the police that Ting is an illegally immigrant and she suicides forever. Alan and Ting disguise as Vietnamese refugees to escape however Ting refuses to do this. Uncle Fu (Ku Feng), a watchman who always wished to die in his ancestry home loses his life while helping Ting escape. Another youth, Lee Kin Fai’s (Newton Lai) girlfriend, due to her family’s eagerness to immigrate, was …
Written by
John Kung
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